A weekend with a rock edge at Targi Kielce! The 10th Kielce ROCKs

14 september 2023
The legends of the Polish music mark the 10th edition of Kielce ROCKs; the gig staged in the Targi Kielce Congress Centre! Iconic bands and artists, including Kobranocka, Proletaryat, Turbo and Reserwat offer a large dose of the best music: from rock and punk rock, through blues and jazz, to metal. There will also be surprises in abundance

The Kielce ROCKs music festival has attracted many lovers of guitar sounds and unique atmosphere to Kielce! The jubilee, 10th event abounds with unique performances, musical collaborative mixtures and surprises from artists whose contribution to the history of Polish rock is significant.

In the rhythm of rock, blues and alternative music

On the first festival day, Kielce sees the performance of the 1One rock band with a special guest, Grzegorz Kupczyk, one of the precursors of hard rock and heavy metal in Poland. Artists galore with a plethora of musical styles also hit the stage. Kielce ROCKs thrills with Jacek Szuła's band - OnUs Blues performances’ Szuła is considered one of the most influential harmonica player in Poland. John Porter and Agata Karczewska duo with songs from the uncompromising album "On the Wrong Planet" are a part of the show.

A musical journey with the KaZióGra quartet and Kobranocka's timeless performances

The Kielce ROCKs festival is marked by rock, hard rock and punk, but also ... jazz and blues. On Saturday, 16 September, Kobranocka's concert offers the band's greatest hits, including the timeless song "I love you like Ireland". KaZióGra quartet, created by  Grzegorz Kapołka, Dariusz Ziółka, Antoni Gralak and Alan Kapołka, will take listeners on a musical journey from blues ballad to energetic jazz-rock. The Targi Kielce Congress Centre’s stage also features the legend of the Polish rock and the excellent star of icinc Jarocin festivals - the Proletariat. The band's last album - "Ząb za Ząb", released in 2023, will also be presented.

Kielce ROCKs with the legends of the Polish music

Powerful sounds and great performances, iconic songs mark the Kielce ROCKs. On third festival day, i.e. Sunday, 17 September, Turbo, the legend of Polish heavy metal icon, the Polish new wave band - Reserwat with its “Take Care of Me” greatest hit, and Maciej Lipina - a talented blues singer and leader of the Ścigani perform live in concerts.

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Tickets can be purchased via the website until Friday, 15 September at 2 p.m  or on site on the day of the concerts.


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