NEW INFRASTRUCTURE (10-11.05.2022)

Infrastructure Constructions Expo


SIGMA is an Italian – Turkish partnership with manufacturing facilities in Ankara/ Turkey. SIGMA Asphalt Plants are designed and manufactured at a wide range of capacities, responding to the strictest demands of today’s road building industry. Most advanced technologies, based on our forty years’ experience in the field, have been applied at SIGMA plant.
Producing high quality asphalt, with reduced energy consumption while meeting the European environmental standards, is the main target of SIGMA technology. The modular feature of our asphalt plants provides easier transport and decreases the assembly and disassembly periods. In addition to all above, particular care has been given to decrease the maintenance requirements to minimum.
In addition to the Italian technology applied, some of the critical features to be underlined are;
• Modular Tower Structure – leading to fast and simple erection
• Vibrating Motor Driven High Performance Screen – reliable operation, easy and fast wire mesh change with sliding front chute, high capacity and high screening efficiency thanks to newest screen technology
• New Generation Mixer Drive System – comprising of double planetary gearboxes with synchronization shaft and V-belt drive
• Bitumen Feeding System by Gravity – fastest feed of bitumen from the scale to the mixer
• New Type Mixer Discharge Gate – fast and full discharge of the product from the mixer
• Reverse Flow Bag Filter – modular and efficient filter with elliptical 200oC resistant bags
• Accurate Weighing System – with three load-cells, special constrainer and vibration damping system
• Computerized Control System – user friendly, reliable PLC control via SCADA software
• Recycling Solutions