The Polish clothing and textile industry offers great potential

my-textstyle-03.jpg [153.24 KB] According to PKO Bank Polski's data, in 2022, Poland was the twelfth largest exporter of clothing in the world, with 1.8% share. Polish companies export to Switzerland, Germany and Ukraine, to name just a few. Over the last four years, exports have significantly increased, although the war beyond the eastern border did not come in aid;  the Russian invasion in Ukraine brought about new challenges to producers. The increase in energy prices has significantly increased enterprises' operating costs. The inflation increase not only contributed to the decline in Poles' income, but also made them change their perception of fashion. Consumers began to look for more economical equivalents of their favourite brands. They prosper for quality and durable fabrics that were created in accordance with the sustainable development strategy. This trend has also been indicated by the statistics - there has been a growing share of clothing from sustainable sources produced in Poland. In 2022, this share was 4.7% of the global textile market.

My TexStyle - innovation combined with tradition

My TexStyle combines traditional fabrics and modern fashion with ecology and sustainable development and thus offers a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to establish professional relationships with world-leading fabric producers, including those from Turkey and Uzbekistan. My TexStyle will feature designers and craftsmen presenting clothing, accessories and fabrics made of sustainable materials such as organic fibres. The exhibitions will also demonstrate recycled textiles, fabrics dyed with natural dyes, innovative, environmentally friendly methods of textile production, as well as hand-made fibres. An Innovation Centre is also a part of the expo - participants will have the opportunity to learn about 3D printing of textiles, smart fabrics and wearable technologies integrated with clothing.

my-textstyle-02.jpg [113.80 KB] A three-day fashion show will feature presentations of the latest collections from our exhibitors and the work of designers who will design and sew clothing live using materials provided by the exhibitors!       

All exhibitors are allowed to submit products for participation, including machine producers who can rent their equipment for the sewing zone created specifically for the show.

Targi Kielce - home to textiles from two continents

For 31 years, Targi Kielce has specialised in organising business events that attract global exhibitors and ensure effective business cooperation. The Kielce Exhibition and Congress Centre is ranked second among all Central and Eastern Europe's expo organisers regarding the exhibition area leased and the number of exhibitors. The 2023's in Targi Kielce was filled with record-breaking events which follow many-year success stories. Industrial Spring, an event under the banner of STOM, was hosted over 19,000 visitors. The International Fair of Plastics and Rubber Processing and the Fair of Toys and Products for Mother and Child KIDS' TIME resulted in an excellent number of contracts concluded during the expo and business relationships worth millions of Euros!

Targi Kielce is preparing for the most significant investment - the construction of the eighth, most modern exhibition hall with an area of approximately 12,000 square meters. According to the plan, the indoor exhibition grounds increase by as much as one-third. The Targi Kielce also plans to invest into green energy. Photovoltaic panels with a capacity of approximately 360 kilo Watt-peak will be installed on the roof of the multi-storey car park. The power generated by the PV set will be used for everyday work in buildings.

We look forward to seeing you in Targi Kielce on 7-9 May, 2025.