Electric bicycles as a part of the Polish electromobility plan

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E-bikes - the front-runners in the electromobility transformation

bike-expo-e-bike.jpg [146.34 KB] Electromobility; slowly but surely ceases to be an odd term and a niche development that requires experts' involvement.  Electromobility has become a part of the public discussion, as the technology has been able to catch up with our needs, i.e. the desire to move about quickly, the combat for the natural environment's improvement. Electric bikes in the context of Polish electromobility plan - this topic is the leitmotif of the September conference, organised by Targi Kielce in cooperation with the Polish Bicycle Industry Association.

E-mobility is no longer a whim or a fab; it has become a necessity. More and more countries have been convinced that being a part of the electric transport revolution is today's reality.  The Scandinavian countries have been the pioneers with Norway's plans to abandon the sale of combustion vehicles by 2025 completely. However, it comes as a paradox that electric bicycles are in the lead in this market rather than cars.  And there are several reasons. First, E-bikes are light, handy, easy and quick to charge, and much cheaper than e-cars, which is the main incentive. No wonder then that around 3 million vehicles are sold annually in the European Union alone.

Private companies have also started to notice and recognise this trend. For example, Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark and the world capital of bicycles, sees the world's first Ikea store; your purchases can only be collected by bike once the shop is operational.

Polish cities' authorities have also started to embrace e-mobility development, combined with the growing fascination with e-bicycles;  many cities have already seen an active, pro-ecological development policy under the common denominator - a "Smart City".

akcesoria rowerowe na targach KIELCE BIKE-EXPO - Targi Kielce has cooperated with the Polish Bicycle Industry Association and other entities for ten years already. The objective has been to support this critical industry. Targi Kielce, the exhibition centre, offers a platform to establish effective, win-win business and social contacts. Therefore this natural development - the conference which puts our country's electromobility development in the limelight. Targi Kielce is thus the perfect place to hold this vital session - says Joanna Marcjan, Deputy Director of the Targi Kielce Trade Fair Department.

- We hope that our conference will trigger the interest of those who design the way we live, i.e. local government officials as well as ordinary bicycle users. We want to show that electric bikes are right and ready for being introduced, for being implemented as one of the electromobility-related activities. E-bike is the means of transport which enhances well-being and healthy lifestyle. It is beneficial for the cyclist and the environment,  as it does not cause traffic jams and generates no exhaust fumes. An e-bole makes it possible to go further, faster and easier compared to a regular bicycle. The forced social-distancing rules make e-bikes an excellent means of transport during an epidemic - says Mateusz Pytko, Director of the Office the Polish Bicycle Industry Association. 

The director adds that Targi Kielce has been an important partner for the Association since the very beginning. - It is owed to the cooperation with Targi Kielce, that the Polish bicycle industry can convene in autumn at the most significant bicycle fair in Central and Eastern Europe. Targi Kielce is a reliable partner who swiftly responds to the needs; our joint endeavour - the expo accommodates the new trends observed in the business sector – adds the director

The conference is a discussion platform for legislative issues, developers' readiness for electromobility (parking spaces, charging stations), the planning issues related to bicycle traffic in cities (bicycle-only zones, delivery zones for electric cargo bikes), the bicycle rental issue, including electric and electric cargo bikes.

We look forward to seeing you at the conference on held 17 September 2021 at  Targi Kielce.