Application Form for ECO-STYLE

Note: Regulations for fair participants and Appendix are the integral part of the Application Forms. Placing the order for space is understood as the acceptation of the Regulations.

You are encourage to use the editable the PDF-format form attached below.

2a Fitting out of exhibition area (construction belonging to the exhibitor) PDF DOCX
2b Order for construction of a stand at TK in the hall PDF DOCX
3 Supplementary equipment and services orders. Furnitures dimensions PDF DOCX
4a-4b Supplementary services and logistics services order PDF DOCX
5 Technical equipment order PDF DOCX
6 Art studio services PDF DOCX
7a Accommodation PDF DOCX
7b Identification cards („Exhibitor” cards) PDF DOCX
8a Exhibitor’s Internet catalogue entry PDF DOCX
8b Co-Exhibitors / Represented Companies PDF DOCX
9a Advertisement in Internet catalogue and on-line PDF DOCX
9b Digital advertisement on monitors PDF DOCX
10a-10e Order for the conference hall, requisition for catering PDF DOCX
11-16 Regulations for Fair Participants, recapitulation of the cost of participation in trades PDF DOCX
17 Targi Kielce SA rules and regulations applicable for events preparation and organisation during the COVID-19 epidemic in Poland PDF DOCX
18 Epidemiological survey template, vaccination against Covid-19 declaration PDF DOCX
19 Contents PDF DOCX