DOG EXHIBITION (30.11-1.12.2024)

18th National and the International Pedigree Dog Exhibition

The event will begin in

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The latest research by international archaeologists suggests the most likely onset of the canine domestication process - about 23,000 years ago in Siberia. According to the latest estimates, there are about 900 million dogs worldwide. There are as many as eight million in Poland alone. According to the International Canine Federation (FCI), there are 340 various dog breeds, including five Polish breeds. What else don't you know about "man's best friend"? 

Which dog breed is considered the world's most miniature regarding weight and height? Which dogs did Queen Elizabeth II of England adore? And which breed was bred in Japan as a companion dog for emperors? If you don't know the answers, make sure to save the date and visit the Targi Kielce's November International Pedigree Dog Exhibition.

The Kielce exhibition and congress centre - not only will you see representatives of the most beautiful and rare breeds. You can also meet breeders who will answer every question. If you are planning to extend your family and have a canine friend, the Kielce dog show is a must-attend event.. And if a pet already lives in your heart, do not hesitate to visit the International Pedigree Dog Exhibition and, above all, the expo-accompanying Pets Supplies and Accessories Exhibition ZOO Salon. If you make the most of the show an buy treats, toys, a nice leash or a bed for your dog, you will undoubtedly forgive if they smell another dog's scent.

Additional attractions in the main ring in E expo hall - shows, competitions, Sabat Łysa Góra Show; this and much more at Targi Kielce's International Pedigree Dog Exhibition. We especially request the youngest to mark the dates; from 30 November to 1 December. Many years of experience in co-organizing the event tells us that the youngest enjoys it most here! We look forward to seeing you!