Wyjątkowe ikony i obrazy prezentowane są podczas targów Sacroexpo.

The beauty of religious and spiritual art displayed at the Sacroexpo

09 may 2023
A wide range of devotional items, gadgets, gifts and religious souvenirs, vestments, liturgical vessels and accessories and the most beautiful works of sacred art. This is a fraction of the offer at this year's 24th Sacroexpo Exhibition, which commences on Monday, 19 June and continues until Wednesday, 21 June at Targi Kielce. Free admission - prior participants registration required

Everything the church and parish needs

Targi Kielce exhibition and congress centre is where you can buy a wide range of religious gadgets and souvenirs at promotional prices: key rings, fridge magnets, pillows with inscriptions, cups with religious motifs, occasional souvenirs, e.g. for baptism, rosaries made of Croatian olive trees, volcanic lava rosaries, and also Christmas wafers. All items come with a big discount from the producer. This year's church and religious industry meeting promises to be very impressive. The companies that have declared their presence there are: Boni Fratres Pharmaceutical with natural preparations created on the basis of recipes of the Brothers of the Hospitaller Order of Brothers Hospitaller, Merito wholesaler from Częstochowa, Chomik Gdów with its offer of beautiful Christmas and Easter decorations and figurines for nativity scenes, Xmas wafer bakery, Charistia  with a wide range of devotional articles and JMTradycja company with gilded and silvered devotional articles and reproductions of miraculous images.

Everything the church needs

At this year's Sacroexpo Exhibition, there will be a wide range of vestments, vessels and liturgical accessories, as well as decorative elements - adormnets for interiors of religious buildings. The expo offers a perfect chance to get acquainted with a wide range of wines as well as liturgical vessels and accessories from the Dąbrowski Brothers and the offer of AWE LLC, which specialises in grape wines of the Prinz Stefan brand. The exhibition will feature hand-decorated glass and crystals from the Wrzos company, glass and crystal decorations by Marek Wrzos, beautifully hand-painted figures from the "EmKaMA" Marcel Bestvater used in bativity arrangements, religious figures, iconic tapestries, candlesticks and platters from BIMART Marek Biczak, incense resin and self-igniting coals from the PREMA company, as well as  sacramental and communion wafers, coals and oil, and shirts for priests from the Christ company from Czarnochowice. Unique icons, reliquaries, tabernacles as well as crucifixes and books - this is a part of the offer of another Sacroexpo Exhibitor - Aba Cuprum Piotr Adamczyk's Artistic Craft Studio.

Religious and spiritual arts

The June Sacroexpo - not only a wide range of devotional items for the faithful and church equipment. The expo also puts religious art in the limelight. The Kielce exhibition and congress centre’s expo halls welcome the 24th Sacroexpo and its wide range of the most beautiful works of religious and spiritual art, including sculptures and figurines, stained glass windows, paintings and icons. Targi Kielce will feature the long-standing Sacroexpo Exhibitors: the company Robert Grabowski Byzantine Icons; with its icons and evangelicals, the SG Żeleński Krakow Stained Glass Workshop and the 3K Projekt with a unique offer of chcurch stained glass, and the Andrzej Burkot woodcarving studio with wood carvings, mainly devoted to religious themes.

Live art auction at the Sacroexpo Exhibition

Thanks to cooperation with the Art in House Auction House and the Art Gallery, the Arts Zone complements Sacroexpo for the first time. Not only will you see several hundred paintings, sculptures and icons by over a hundred artists. The upcoming, 24th religious industry meeting is held from 19 to 21 June 2023. For the first time this turns the Targi Kielce space into a real art gallery. On the second day of Sacroexpo, on Tuesday, June 20 at 5:00 pm, some of the works presented in the Art Zone will be available for auction at a live art auction and online on a special platform.  More information about ARTS ZONES


Recommended articles
21 june 2023
The second day of the Sacroexpo witnessed the lottery. Sister Małgorzata Lechwar and Father Zbigniew Klepacz won a seven-day trip to Portuguese Fatima, organised by the Franciscan travel agency Patron Travel
20 june 2023
On the second day of Sacroexpo, 20 June, some of the presented works were available for auction at a live art auction room managed by the Art. Auction House. In House. The most popular auctioned works were: Saint George Fighting the Dragon" by Borys Fiodorowicz, "The Meeting of Heaven and Earth" by Katarzyna Słowiańska-Kucz and "The Last Supper" by Robert Jadczak. All works can be seen until Wednesday, 21 June in the Art Zone
20 june 2023
On the second day of the meeting for the church and religious industry witnessed the first draw of coupons which could win a seven-day trip to Fatima, Portugal. The next winners will be announced on the third day of the show
20 june 2023
Representatives of Innpact - a company specializing in energy consulting and TUW Polish Mutual Insurance Company delivered lectures during the Sacroexpo; the session was targeted at administrators of religious buildings. The meeting was a part of the Meeting of Male and Female Consulta to the Conference of Polish Church Economy Officers and Monastery Superiors in Poland and events organized by the Forum of Inter-Religious Cooperation
20 june 2023
Guests from Incheba-Expo Bratislava showed the potential of the religion-related market of Slovak, Czech, Austrian and Hungarian. The presentation of the September SACROEXPO Slovakia was the occasion. The event is held on 13-14 September in Bratislava and is organised by the Slovak exhibition centre and Targi Kielce.
19 june 2023
The first day of the 24th Sacroexpo hosted a featured guest - Fr. Witold Burda PhD., postulator in the beatification process of the Ulma family. The whole family were shot dead by the Germans for helping and hiding Jews. After the lecture, the expo visitor could also see the latest film by Mariusz Pilis - "The Story of One Crime", the movie recently screened in cinemas
19 june 2023
The 24th Sacroexpo commenced on 19 June. Not only does it feature devotional items for the faithful and equipment for churches. For the first time, the Targi Kielce expo halls will be filled with the latest works of contemporary religious art. The three days expo includes the screening of the historical film that has just hit the cinemas. A caravanning rally will is staged in the outdoor exhibition grounds of the Kielce exhibition and congress centre. The event is open to the public
15 june 2023
Sacroexpo - 19 to 21 June resounds with beautiful sounds of church organs the expo halls of the Kielce exhibition and congress centre. The expo stand of Astorg - the general representative of Viscount International in Poland, hosts a talented organist Krzysztof Tomaszewski. Admission - free.