Ten years of cooperation with the Conference of Men's Orders Superiors and the Sacroexpo

25 september 2020
For a decade, the cooperation between the Conference of Men's Orders Superiors, the Targi Kielce Management Board and the organisers of the International Church Construction and Equipment Exhibition has been thriving

The Conference of Men Congregations Superiors in Poland is an ecclesiastical legal entity of the Catholic Church, subordinate to the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life of the Holy See.

The conference was established in 1948, and its aim is to coordinate cooperation and exchange of experiences between all Catholic male orders in Poland.  It is ex officio composed of all the major superiors of Polish religious structures.


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29 september 2020
For over 15 years, the SACROEXPO - the International Exhibition of Church Construction, Church Fittings and Furnishings and Religious has been accompanied by a lottery for all clergy persons. The lottery can win you a pilgrimage trip
29 september 2020
The Orthodox Archbishop of Przemyśl and Gorlice, the Most Reverend Paisjusz presented awards to exhibitors who were appreciated for their contribution to religious life. These accolades were presented at Targi Kielce
29 september 2020
An open thematic session for church and religious buildings administrators is one of the events accompanying the SACROEXPO. The meeting was prepared by the Interreligious Cooperation Forum, the Conference of Men Congregations Superiors in Poland, in conjunction with TUW PZUW and Targi Kielce
28 september 2020
The church and religious industry celebration is accompanied by problem-focused meetings and valuable discussions. For ten years Targi Kielce has hosted meetings designed to train and educate religious secretaries and economy officers.
28 september 2020
This year's Sacroexpo saw the presentation of the Per Arte Ad Deum awards already for the 16th time. The winners list included the names of Paweł Łukaszewski, Jerzy Jan Skąpski and Leszek Sosnowski
28 september 2020
The opening of this year's Sacroexpo was pretty unusual - the guests were welcomed, the Targi Kielce awards were presented, and the PER ARTEM AD DEUM awards were awarded for the 16th time. All this during one ceremony
28 september 2020
The International Exhibition of Church Construction, Church Fittings and Furnishings and Religious Art SACROEXPO is held in Targi Kielce dor 21st time. This year's expo brings together nearly 180 companies from Poland, Italy, Slovenia, Ukraine, Croatia, the Czech Republic and the United States
24 september 2020
iThe SACROEXPO Exhibition has been the place to present the Medal of the Pontifical Council for Culture, invariably, since 2005. The accolade is awarded to outstanding artists who use their art to bring people closer to God. This year, three various fields of art representatives are awarded.