Sweden prospers for Polish partners for joint infrastructure implementation projects

15 january 2021
The infrastructure plans and possibilities for Polish construction companies entering the Swedish market were discussed during the information meeting, organised by the Embassy of Sweden in Warsaw and the Swedish Transport Administration.

About  EUR 70 billion - this is the resources amount earmarked for infrastructure projects; expansion and renovation of the transport, rail and road network in Sweden. According to the plans, these schemes are to be implemented in the 2018-2029 period. The information meeting is held on  19 January 2021 at 09: 00-12: 00. The session objective is to present major road and rail projects in Sweden. In addition to business opportunities, the meeting agenda also includes issues related to investment and financing of international projects.

Such meetings are meant to influence strengthening cooperation between Poland and Sweden so that the countries jointly use the business opportunities and competences of the Polish construction sector in Swedish investments. Thus Sweden prospers for Polish partners for joint infrastructure implementation projects

On behalf of the organisers, we encourage you to register and participate in the information meeting. Applications for participation - use the website form at:

The future of Polish infrastructure is also a topic embraced by the Kielce exhibition and congress centre, the home for the International Infrastructure Constructions Expo - NEW INFRASTRUCTURE.  Not only is the road infrastructure featured at the upcoming edition of the event. Much space is also devoted to areas such as transport, railway infrastructure, specialist construction and construction machinery. We invite you to join us from 12 to 14 May 2021 at Targi Kielce!!


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