Slavic B2Beauty with Polish brands which enjoy splending track record. Exhibitors list

23 january 2023
Pierre Rene, Ava, SunewMed+, Elfa Pharm… - these are just a few names of Polish companies that have already confirmed their participation in the second in the series of shows. The expo for the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry Slavic B2Beauty is held at Targi Kielce. The June event at Targi Kielce attracts brands which boasts a many-year tradition and a strong market position in Poland and abroad. These brands want to enter new markets.

Contracting show for the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries - Slavic B2Beauty brings together cosmetics industry market players. The Targi Kielce Congress Centre is the showcase for producers presenting their offers to buyers from all over the world. The first expo was held in 2022; there was about a thousand talks which, in due course, initiated international business relations and opened new markets.

New target markets are sought by entrepreneurs; not only new industry entrants but also well-seasoned and operating for decades which have been exporting to many countries, are also on the look out for new directions. The list of exhibitors for the second Contracting Expo for the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry Slavic B2Beauty includes  AVA® Cosmetic Laboratory, which has been active on the Polish market since 1961. The company was the first manufacturer of natural and organic cosmetics in Poland which receive the ECOCERT certificate. The company is already present in dozens of countries, such as Hong Kong, Colombia, USA, however, it keeps looking for new places to trade opportunities in the global market.

 A similar company has been in business since 1993  - Pierre Rene.  The target countries list comprises 40 countries; despite the already extensive exports the firm keeps prospering for new output markets.  Hence the presence of the company at the Kielce expo. The show welcomes the firm presenting colour cosmetics, products for the face, lips and nail make-up.  

The exhibitors list of the June expo also includes  SunewMed+, the company founded by women for women over 17 years ago. The firm’s products are well known in Poland, Germany, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Great Britain, Hungary, Croatia, Greece and Romania. In addition, the forms keeps looking for new foreign buyers for such items as masks, eye patches, hand and foot serums, vitamin C products.

Elfa Pharm Poland has also conforme its participation in Slavic B2Beauty expo. In business since 2011, the company has already 57 foreign contractors and its brands in 37 countries. Cosmetics are the symbols of the highest quality of raw materials, natural origin and modern technologies. The firm strives to be present on new markets.

Slavic B2Beauty can be the gateway to global markets.  The upcoming expo is held in Targi Kielce on 13 and 14 June.

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