Ostatnia wieczerza XXI Piotra Barszczowskiego na Sacroexpo zaprezentowana zostanie w dwóch formach.

“The Last Supper” – neo-stained glass from the Florence Biennale showcased at the Sacroexpo The work of arts will be presented in a large-format edition (of 40 square meters)

14 june 2023
The Art Zone, a part of the 24th the Sacroexpo, is the place to admire three works by Piotr Barszczowski, including "The Last Supper". A neo-stained glass window presented on a large scale for the first time. Visitors to Targi Kielce will be able to see the work hanging on the western glass wall of the expo façade. Just join us from 19 to 21 June.

The neo-stained glass window "The Last Supper XXI" - 3×2 meters piece os composed of thousands of macro and microphotographs of bread and wine. This and three other works by the artist (Panta Rhei - Allegory of Time", "Cafe" and "Storm") were awarded the Warzyniec Konarski gold medal  in the Multimedia Arts category at the 13th Art Biennale in Florence in 2012. The artist also won the Biennale Audience Award. The artist had prepared to create this work for 30 years!

For years I have studied the outstanding works depicting The Last Supper,  a vast majority of them presents long benches arranged in a horizontal rectangle. This is how Leonardo da Vinci presented the Lord's Supper, this is how Salvador Dali saw it. There were also those that either showed an approximation of the ancient supper, or introduced a motif of women. The latter came as a surprise in the patriarchal world. Yet women, according to the testimony of the Bible also became witnesses of the institution of the Eucharist – emphasizes Piotr Barszczowski.

Ostatnia-Wieczerza-XXI-eksponowana-w-Tyncu.-Zrodlo-archiwum-Artysty.jpg [52.78 KB] In Piotr Barszczowski's original technique called "Neowitraż" fragments of macro and microphotography are used instead of paint. Dgital collages are composed and then applied to the glass. When creating "The Last Supper XXI", the artist took several hundred photos of bread and wine in order to emphasize the Sacrament of the Eucharist. Then he used the photos to fill over 2,000 collage parts.

Piotr Barszczowski was born in 1972 in Tarnów.  He is a graduate of two Krakow universities:  Academy of Fine Arts and the Pontifical University. Barszczowski has specialized in the field of visual communication and in the history of religious art. An artist and graphic designer, the author of visual identifications for over 500 companies, a forensic expert in this field.
He belongs to the Association of Polish Artists and Designers and the Association of Polish Art Photographers. He is the creator of "NEO Stained Glass" - a characteristic photo-collage composed of fragments of macro photography.


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