AS Energy Wystawcą targów ENEX.

One of the most professional distributors of photovoltaic installations in Poland is the ENEX exhibitor

13 january 2022
All the necessary elements for installations mounting on the roof or ground: PV panels, inverters, assembly structures and electrical accessories - this is just a part of the AS Energy's offer available in February at Targi Kielce at the ENEX expo

AS Energy is a brand that has been operating on the RES market since 2019, created by the RuckZuck company. The compay cooperates with world leaders in the production of panels, inverters and structures for photovoltaics - JinkoSolar, Sharp, Solis, as well as K2 and Tree System. AS Energy also offers Kaisai air conditioners and heat pumps.

AS Energy's offer is primarily tarteted at the B2B sector, both installers and contractors, design offices, stores and solar wholesalers,

Customers can also take advantage of comprehensive service and professional advice, both in the design phase and offer placement. Additionally, AS Energy regularly organises training for installers.  

The AS Energy offer will be available on 23 and 24 February at the ENEX trade show.


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