METAL-TECHNIKA showcases at the STOM-LASER Expo

07 june 2021
Are you interested in purchasing a fibre laser? METAL-TECHNIKA offer showcased at the STOM 2021 offers the chance to become familiar with the portfolio

METAL-TECHNOLOGY has been an active market player for several years.  Initially, the company focused its business activity on plasma burners production. Over time, customer demands demonstrated demand for more precise and faster cutting methods, the company started manufacturing fibre lasers. Now, METAL-TECHNIKA cooperates with world leaders, such as: PRECITEC, nLIGHT, IPG, BECKHOFF, MITSUBISHI, BOSCH. METAL-TECHNIKA is one of the few companies which uses polymer concrete in machine making a perfect solution in overloads caused by high speeds exceeding 3G. Drives mounted on measuring rulers offer 0.002 mm accuracy, which is of great importance when elements are cut out.  With such overloads, a gate moving at 4 m/sec speed is necessary, so we used an ultra-light carbon fibre traverse made of 25 octagonal pipes, glued honeycomb structure of aviation aluminium.  A traverse of such construction is coupled with 35 mm linear runners for seamless measurement. In the mid-section, there are 6 Bosch Rexroth bearings on each side, automatic lubrication on board. 8 kW Precitec head with autofocus and full self-diagnosis is mounted on the traverse; the source’s power ranges from 1 kW to 8 kW. The head is equipped with LEDs for displaying the operational status in real-time and with remote control via Bluetooth. The cut quality is provided by the nLIGHT, nLIGHT CORONA or IPG source. The laser cutter with equipment along with other necessary accessories, such as a cooler and filtering ventilation, is ready to perform precise details made of sheet metal. Proprietary MT Cut software with the language options also offers functions such as:

multiple DXF files import

automatic shape optimization

parts drawing and editing

automatic setting of cutting paths

material database management

postprocessors for many machines

automatic setting of the cutting sequence

expert library management

machine and database management

import of parts with auto-separation

programmable cutting gap compensation

common edge cut

cutting with bridges

generation of residual sheets

nesting on residual sheets

NC codes generation

export of nests to DWG / DXF files

statistical nesting report with cutting data

chain cutting

rapid relocation with the directional keys

distance on the sheet measurement

barcode labels generation

automatic quick nesting algorithm

automatic advanced nesting algorithm

part import via Excel file

reloads of the previous nesting

detailed nesting report - cost estimation

import of sheets of any shape

We look forward to your visit to the METAL-TECHNIKA stand during The Laser and Laser Technology Expo Stom-LASER STOM-LASER.



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