Prasokontenery-MPB od firmy Bergmann.

Machines for waste volume reduction from Bergmann showcased at the Ekotech Expo

28 february 2023
The exhibitors list of the 23rd Ekotech Environmental Protection and Waste Management Fair includes companies offering proprietary inventions - solutions for the waste volume and recyclable materials reduction. We look forward to your presence at the Targi Targi Kielce's event held on 8 and 9 March 2023 in Targi Kielce

Bergmann offers more than 40 years of experience in constructing machines for waste management. The company's main production pillars are:

  • Prasokontenery-MPB-1.jpg [247.03 KB] Press containers which reduce the volume in a closed container.


  • Roll-Packery-1.jpg [212.12 KB] Roll-Packers which crush and compact almost any waste in open containers.
  • Rotokompaktor-PS1400-E-1.jpg [6.23 KB] Rotary compactors for compaction of waste directly at the place of its generation.






All machines are 100% made in Germany, and only the highest quality components are used in production.
Bergmann utilises a large number of proprietary patents, which the company is on the innovation edge.


Bergmann solutions will be on display on 8 an 9 March during the 23rd Ekotech Expo. Register for ENEX - all it takes is going to: and you can join the expo. No time to waste.

At the same time, Targi Kielce hosts the International Power Industry and Energy Sources Fair ENEX held in parallel with EKOTECH.


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