Kids' Time w Doha! Umowa podpisana.

Kids' Time is heading for Doha! Targi Kielce has signed the agreement with the Qatar Dar Al-Sharq group!

21 february 2024
Mutual promotion, joint expo organisation in Poland and Qatar, and arrangement of trade missions of producers and buyers from Poland and the State of Qatar are the most contractual provisions. The agreement between Targi Kielce SA and the Dar Al-Sharq group - an integrated and multi-activity publishing, printing, media, expo and distribution house operating in Qatar and the Gulf Region

The document was officially signed on Wednesday, 21 February, by the president of the Kielce, Andrzej Mochoń PhD, and the representative of Dar Al-Sharq, managing director Eizeldin Abdelrahman.

The 14th Kids' Time Expo - the International Fair of Toys and Products for Mother and Child witnessed the signing of the cooperation agreement between Targi Kielce and the Dar Al-Sharq group. Targi Kielce is the organiser of the autumn 2024 Kids Expo Expo in Qatar and other trade shows held in the main Qatari centre - the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center and neighbouring countries (United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia).  The cooperation agreement stipulates mutual promotion of events, expo co-organisation, and arrangement of business missions for producers and buyers from Poland and the Gulf countries. Under the agreement, Targi Kielce will host companies from this region and arrange delegations of Polish companies visiting the Doha Expos. 

The cooperation agreement stipulates mutual promotion of events, expos co-organisation in Poland and Quatar, and arrangement of business missions for producers and buyers from Poland and the Gulf countries. Under the agreement, Targi Kielce will host companies from this region. Targi Kielce can also offer Kids' Time exhibitors a chance to attend Qatar shows. 

The representative of the Dar Al-Sharq group, its Managing Director Eizeldin Abdelrahman, noted that Targi Kielce and the Kids' Time exhibition offer an ideal opportunity to establish the cooperation. KIDS' TIME is a large-scale event, a household name on the European arena. The Kids Expo in Doha is much larger than its business dimension, but it also has educational and medical aspects. The expo includes services provided by educational and medical institutions and targeted at children and parents. The Kielce exhibitors' offer perfectly complement our offer - explained Director Abdelrahman. – Our cooperation is also important because of the experiences exchange between our centres, cultures and countries. We can do great things if we join forces;  not only in co-organising expo for the children's industry, but also for many other industries. 

Doctor Andrzej Mochoń, Targi Kielce President Board has confirmed the Qatari Dar Al-Sharq group's managing director's opinion. Mr Mochoń  emphasises that this cooperation paves the way for Polish producers to the Qatari market. – We commence the cooperation with a vital expo organiser based in Qatar. Kids' Time marks the beginning. We want our expos to host Gulf exhibitors and create conditions for Polish companies to exhibit at Qatar shows, said the president of Targi Kielce, Doctor Andrzej Mochoń.


Dar of Al-Sharq - The Media Group is holding the "Kids Expo" from 20 to 23 November 2024 at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center. Kids Expo is a specialised exhibition, one-stop-shop for everything children need. The scope of the expo includes education, health, culture, and entertainment from birth to 13 years of age.

Public and private institutions will participate in the exhibition, the objective is to present exhibitors' programs and forward-looking plans to parents and visitors. Companies and commercial agencies present new products targeted at the children's business sector. This is the chance to benchmark and exchange experiences and thus serve future generations.

Dar Al Sharq is also a publishing house; a group of companies that offer their clients a full range of services related to printing, press, publishing, and distribution. Dar Al Sharq owns the leading daily newspaper in Qatar - The Peninsula. With over 65 million views in 2020, thepeninsula.qa (thepeninsulaqatar.com) is Qatar's most popular news website, available in English and Arabic.

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