NIBE-BIAWIAR Wystawcą targów ENEX.

Heat pumps, recuperators and photovoltaics from NIBE-BIAWIAR

03 january 2022
Poland's largest producer of technologically advanced heating solutions for single-family houses, multi-family buildings, industrial and service facilities exhibits at ENEX

NIBE-BAWIAR offers top-class heat pumps, pellet boilers, water heaters and solar systems. The company business profile is consistent with the Sustainable Development idea, which combines profitability and corporate social responsibility.

For 50 years, BIAWAR products have provided the comfort of hot water supply; millions of people in Poland and abroad have highly regarded the products. Since 2000, the Swedish concern NIBE AB has been the company's main shareholder. NIBE AB is one of the largest producers of heat pumps in Europe. Thanks to the access to the latest technology, the machine park enhancement and qualified staff, since the beginning of the 21st century, the company has dynamically gained new markets and introduced new devices and thus has expanded its offer.

In the second quarter of 2022, NIBE plans to implement the latest model of the air heat pump of the NIBE S2125 series, powered by the natural refrigerant R290, which makes it possible to achieve even better operating parameters (A +++). The new heat pump reaches as much as 75 ° C in the heating system. It remains operational to -25 ° C, making it ideal for replacing old heat sources in existing high-temperature heating installations. Thus the system can be considered a part of the current energy revolution in Poland, the energy transformation towards electrification and using heat pumps for buildings heating. The latest inverter heat pumps NIBE S2125 in combination with an indoor unit; they automatically adjust to the current heat demand and can be managed via a smartphone or tablet. The new design ensures low noise emission (38 Lw (A) in the distance of 2m, according to EN12102), low bills for space heating and cooling and high efficiency of domestic hot water production. The NIBE S2125 unit will be available in two power ranges - 8 and 12. In stores in the first half of 2022.

The NIBE-BIAWAR offer will be available on 23 and 24 February at the ENEX trade show.


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