Azoty-Puławy handball players at Targi Kielce

23 september 2021
Handball fans had the opportunity to meet the stars of the Azoty-Puławy club. The athletes joined this year's PLASTPOL International Fair of Plastics and Rubber Processing The Grupa Azoty stand hosted Michał Jurecki - the quarterback and captain of the team, previously associated with Vive Targi Kielce, Wojciech Borucki - the goalkeeper and Dawid Fedeńczak - the right-winger and the rising star of the club

The athletes were not afraid to answer even the most difficult questions of the guests, e.g. about the  good and the bad sides of their profession. "Injuries are worst aspect of handball; injuries are hard to avoid.  Your career may be ruined, but on the other hand, playing it safe is not an option," admitted Wojtek Borucki. "First of all, you have to remember that a sports career is not an easy job,  it requires a lot of sacrifice and a lot of determination," added Michał Jurecki.

The Azoty-Puławy guys also had good news for people who dream of a career, but physically they cannot meet athletic standards. "Handball is a very forgiving sport in this regard.  There are handball players who are very short, for example, those who are not more than six feet and are doing very well on the pitch," said Michał Jurecki. "Even men who have gained an extra pound or two can cope, as goalkeepers, when speed is replaced with the body surface," joked Wojtek Borucki. Dawid Fedeńczak emphasised that it is worth trying your hand because you never know if someone has a talent for football.

The meeting was also the chance to learn a bit about the private life of the three handball players. Michał Jurecki reveals his second greatest hobby which comes second in the ranking just after handball - it is fishing.  Recently, he even tried its extreme, survival version, going to an inaccessible, secluded place for a few days.  Wojciech Borucki admitted that he is most passionate about films, and once he even thought about enrolling to the famous Lodz Film School. He cited "Insterstellar" by Christopher Nolan as his favourite film.  Dawid Fedeńczak, however, surprised all, including his friends, with the confession that he once trained ballroom dancing. "This topic will definitely come back at the club's locker room discussions, more than once," laughed Michał Jurecki, right after hearing this curiosity.

However, everyone pointed out that their greatest passion was and still remains handball and they cannot imagine a different career.

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