28 february 2019
The Science and Technology Conference "HEAT NOT LOST" was held for the fourth time. There were very many participants acidly interested in the topic

The Polish Organization towards Work for Energy Efficiency and Research - the initiator of the conference has been able to gather outstanding speakers, specialists from Poland and abroad. The meeting was divided into three segments. The first focused on electricity and heat generation in high-efficiency cogeneration. Marek Sutkowski PhD. of th Horus Energia spoke about the high efficiency cogeneration systems’ technical solutions for reliable and stable operation. Ewelina Boronowska, the representative of the main organizer - POWEEiR, talked about the current support system for electricity generation in high-efficiency cogeneration. Arkadiusz Jatczak from the Librac raised the subject of thermal energy recovery for the cold production and electricity cogeneration and industry technological installations.

The second panel was devoted to energy efficiency improvement in equipment and installations for industrial processes. How to  prosper for energy savings in the enterprise  - this was discussed in Piotr Krajewski’s presentation, Heat not Lost. The topic of  heat recovery installations  on machines and production processes (Mateusz Bartczak from I-Serwis ASFI) and energy-saving solutions in pumping technology (Marcin Gańko from KSB Pompy and Armatura) and many other issues were presented.

The last of the panels of the conference held in Targi Kielce  casts the light on industrial installations insulation.  Specialists argued that insulations are effective not only fashionable. Michał Grzegorczyk from Rockwool Polska proved, on the basis of the case study, that specific savings are attained. This saving can be expressed in thousands of zlotys and saved kilowatts.  Michał Nękanowicz from PAROC Polska talked about high-temperature industrial insulations.  Luis Lopez Brunner from the European Industrial Insulation Foundation spoke about "Digital energy efficiency self - inspection tool for insulation work". Trainings of new specialists were also in the scope of the discussion.


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