AGROTECH and LAS EXPO - the commencement

08 october 2021
250 exhibitors from 9 countries will put on display cutting-edge equipment no farmstead can go without. Farmers from all over Poland can visit the unique autumn exhibition, which uses over 10,000 meters of the exhibition space

Manufacturers of tractors, semi-trailers, disc harrows, machines for fertilization, plants care, and protection equipment are all here in Kielce; shredders and sprayers manufacturers also showcase their products.  Farmers visiting Targi Kielce also have the opportunity to see the offer of companies producing mixtures and granulates.

Agrotech also facilitates the daily farms’ operation; ventilation systems for utility rooms, photovoltaics and building insulation came abundant at the expo.  Agrotech is a comprehensive exhibition, although slightly smaller this year. - We would like farmers visiting Targi Kielce to be able to see the full offer of machine manufacturers. Transport and cultivation solutions designed to help at farmstead are on show here - emphasizes Grzegorz Figarski, director of the Agrotech project.

The Timber Industry & Forest Resources Management Fair LAS-EXPO is held parallel to the  International Fair Of Agricultural Techniques AGROTECH; Poland’s largest indoor agricultural technologies expo.  The jubilee edition gathered 24 companies,  including manufacturers of equipment and machines for wood harvesting, transporting and processing. Saws, chippers, frame saws and shredders are on display.

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09 october 2021
For the first time, the Targi Kielce Congress Centre hosts speakers and guests of the World Poultry Congress. The topics discussed include perspectives for poultry and egg producers, the sustainable development of the poultry production chain and the welfare management for broiler breeders
09 october 2021
On the second day of the AGROTECH, the expo visitors had the chance to meet Marlena and Weronika of the GR.Załoga and Matheo780.
08 october 2021
The Expo Gala Ceremony saw the presentation of the Cup of the President of KRUS Farmers' Social Security Fund and the Cup of the President of the National Council of Agricultural Chambers, Wiktor Szmulewicz
28 september 2021
The Swietokrzyskie Innovativeness and Technology Transfer Centre invites you to participate in the international brokerage meetings held at the Agrotech Expo - October 8 and 9
14 september 2021
For the first time in the Agrotech’s history, International Agricultural Technology Fair, speakers and participants of the Global Poultry Web Congress join the expo. The hybrid event targeted at the poultry business sector offers an opportunity to exchange information and knowledge on breeding, welfare and nutrition of chickens, turkeys and geese
18 august 2021
The AKROP company makes sure that your plants reach the skies. The AminoPower products series - a new formula of organic and mineral fertilizers that guarantee more effective absorption of nutrients from the soil. The company specializes in the production of feeds and fertilizers. All products meet the quality and ecology standards observed in the European Union
10 august 2021
The Horpol company is a Polish manufacturer, a leader and an expert in automotive lights. For over 40 years, Horpol J.I.A.T Horeczy General Partnership specialises in the design, construction and production of lamps used in trucks, vans, buses and agricultural machinery. This Polish exhibitor joins the list of those that mark their presence at the autumn edition of the Agrotech expo
19 july 2021
The First Polish Television channel has granted its auspices to the International Agricultural Technology Fair Agrotech. For years, the public broadcaster has supported the promotion activities of one of the largest agricultural exhibitions in Poland