A wide range of mobile solutions showcased at POLSECURE

21 march 2023
Modular System is one of Europe's largest manufacturers of utility containers and modular systems made into offices, houses and flats, hotels and hospitals. The company's offer will be available at Targi Kielce

Dynamic changes and the market development we observe require flexible and quick-to-deploy solutions. How to prepare a dedicated high-quality space? Which is the shortest possible time? How to plan an investment that meets expectations and can be adapted to the ever-changing reality?

Container modules prepared by Modular System provide the answer that meets all needs. A manufacturer of ready-made solutions that ensure functionality, safety, the comfort of use, and above all - mobility This makes it possible to use space anywhere and anytime. No need to incur high investment outlays. A quick modification and expansion depending on the needs.

In recent years, Modular System has been providing ready-made solutions in critical infrastructure offered for the needs of uniformed services and medical care in Poland and abroad. The company's experience and professionalism ensures short delivery time for its functional facilities of various types and purposes.

The ongoing conflict across our eastern border has deprived millions of Ukrainians of their housing infrastructure. Fast and secure solutions has become a priority -  in response, Modular System has designed and delivered ready-made modular houses. It took the company just a few weeks. Fully equipped shelters and sanitary rooms for immediate use -   

mobile container systems offered by Modular System are appreciated by millions of users throughout Europe and the United States. Today's and the future reality require flexible and mobile solutions also in the civil engineering domain.

The company looks forward to seeing you in Targi Kielce from 25 to 27 April 2023 - join us for the POLSECURE Expo.

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The 2nd Polsecure - International Policing Expo recognized companies with special distinctions of the Police Commander-in-Chief and the Director General of the Prison Service, as well as the "Border Guards Laurel" award of the Commander-in-Chief of the Border Guard. The gala was also the occasion to award the TOP DESIGN distinctions and prizes for Polsecure expo presentations
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The POLSECURE is much more than an exciting exhibition targeted at the officers of the services, but also the place where contracts and agreements are signed. These contracts are important for safety abd security
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Experts attended the international conference organised by the Police Headquarters as a part of the Polsecure expo in Targi Kielce. The session discussed the DVI teams activities in various countries and methods of identification at disaster sites. The panel featured experts from the Central Forensic Laboratory of the Police
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Dynamic show presentations always catch the guests’ interest. The representatives of various uniformed services put the best foot forward in live presentations in controlled conditions. It was no different this year. The most modern equipment and skills of Border Guard and Police employees as well as security experts were presented in a special block. There were also musical accents
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For many years, the Arpol has manufactured and supplied food rations and special military canned food for the Polish Armed Forces, the State and Volunteer Fire Brigades, Security and Crisis Management Departments at various levels, TOPR Mountain Volunteer Rescue Service, GOPR Mountain Volunteer Rescue Service, CSRG, broadly understood tourism (sailors, hunters, divers, anglers).
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WORK 11 - a Polish manufacturer of armaments and accessories for uniformed services will present its offer at this year's Polsecure Expo. The company has also been present at MSPO for several years
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