Od lewej Prezes WZŁ-1 Robert Kudelski, Prezes Zarządu PGZ Sebastian Chwałek oraz Dyrektor Generalny ICEYE Rafał Modrzewski po podpisaniu umowy o współpracy.      

A mobile ground-based station for SAR satellites to be built in Poland - an essential signed contract at MSPO

05 september 2023
Targi Kielce witnessed the Polish Armaments Group, Military Communication Works No. 1 and ICEYE Poland joining forces. ICEYE is the Polish division of the world leader in permanent monitoring with the use of radar and image satellites. The aim is to strengthen Poland's defence capabilities

The companies intend to cooperate in order to offer the Polish Armed Forces a future-proof stationary and mobile ground stations, as well as synthetic aperture radar (SAR) satellites. PGZ and WZŁ-1 will be responsible for the integration and operation of both the stationary and mobile ground segments, while ICEYE is to provide proven and reliable space infrastructure.


As reported by ICEYE, SAR is an active sensing system that illuminates the Earth's surface and measures the reflected signal to generate high-resolution images. Unlike traditional optical satellites, SAR can capture images day and night, regardless of weather conditions and sunlight intensity. SAR data from the ICEYE constellation can be generated over large geographic areas and, conversely, provide higher resolution images of smaller areas.


The International Defence Industry Exhibition MSPO in Kielce witnessed the contract signing by the President of the Management Board of PGZ, Sebastian Chwałek, the President of WZŁ-1, Robert Kudelski, and the General Director of ICEYE, Rafał Modrzewski.     


- We launched the cooperation to prepare a new, unique product for the Polish Armed Forces - a constellation of radar satellites with a fixed and mobile ground station. This system can provide uninterrupted access to satellite imagery for enhanced situational awareness, delivered in near-real time. The Polish Armaments Group  will be the platform for further development of competencies in the field of space and satellite technologies, and consequently also in the area of product analysis. The agreement is just the beginning of a longer cooperation within this trilateral partnership. We work for Poland's national security - comments Sebastian Chwałek, President of the Polish Armaments Group PGZ.


ICEYE owns and operates the world's largest constellation of SAR satellites, which are an essential resource for governments and businesses in sectors such as insurance, disaster response and recovery, maritime, national security, humanitarian aid and climate change monitoring. Since 2018 ICEYE has already deployed 27 satellites, including both commercially available and customer-dedicated missions.

- ICEYE technology is a mature and proven technology. Services related to the use of SAR in orbit, such as imaging, constant monitoring of specific areas and analytical tools made us governments-trusted company in many countries around the world, including:  Brazil, United States, and United Arab Emirates. The key advantage of SAR for our region is that we can provide imaging regardless of the weather, cloud cover over a given area or time of day - explains Rafał Modrzewski, co-founder and CEO of ICEYE.


A part of the Polish Armaments Group, WZŁ-1 will be responsible for providing a mobile ground station that enable safe and reliable management of the system in all conditions and from any place where troops are deployed. The concept of the station primarily includes solutions that meet the requirements of the modern battlefield data transmission, safety of use, data transmission and power supply. The system is based on container solutions with a dedicated antenna system ensuring fast data transmission from the satellite segment and subsequent distribution, meeting the needs of the Polish Armed Forces.


- WZŁ-1 SA has been systematically developing its competences in the field of communication satellites for many years;  we are the manufacturer of most of the satellite terminals currently used by the military. In addition, we have experience in implementing projects using containers;  our solutions are fully compatible with the equipment now used in the army. The concept of the Mobile Ground Station, based on the company's many years of experience, has been created with the aim of securing field and satellite communication systems for the Polish Armed Forces. This project together with ICEYE and PGZ is an ideal solution responding to current needs of battlefield reconnaissance - said Robert Kudelski, President of the Management Board of WZŁ-1.



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