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The Exhibition of Metal Processing Technologies’ scope expands to include the new STOM- FIX

The STOM-FIX Fastening and Fixing Technologies and Components Expo complements and enhances the industry-focused expos cluster. This year’s events are held in autumn, i.e. outside the regular schedule.

The shows cycle includes the events crafted around each industry sector – STOM comprises  STOM-TOOL (machine tools and tools), STOM-BLECH & CUTTING (sheet metal processing and cutting), STOM-LASER (laser technologies), STOM-ROBOTICS (robotization and automation), EXPO-SURFACE (surface treatment), CONTROL-STOM (measuring technologies), KIELCE FLUID POWER, WELDING, TEiA, VIRTOPROCESSES (prototyping) and 3D PRINT DAYS. 

This offer is now complemented with another specialised event: STOM-FIX - Fastening and Fixing Technologies and Components Expo. 

The event's product and service range includes:  fasteners and fixing and connecting components used in various industries: screws, nuts, bolts, pins, rivets, washers, threaded rods, spacers for easier assembly and fixing, nails, hose clamps and other products necessary for assembling, fixing and connecting.

Exhibitor groups

The expo welcomes companies which offer components and production technologies for fasteners, connectors and couplers. Not only do we invite components manufacturers but also machines manufacturers - forming, rolling, threading, combined machines, grinders, heat treatment equipment, surface treatment and other appliance indispensable for making fasteners, couples, connectors et. al.


Target audience

Target visitors - representatives of the machinery, automotive, construction, railway, shipbuilding, aviation, petrochemical, electro-technical, energy and control industries


Prestige and reputation - the guarantee of success!

For many years the STOM exhibitions series and the accompanying events have proven very popular among exhibitors and visitors from Poland and abroad;  this is clearly evidences by facts and figures.  The previous expo cluster hosted over 17,000 professionals who became familiar with the offer showcased by almost 900 companies from over 30 countries from all corners of the world


Targi Kielce guarantees prestige and excellent reputation owing to the fact that Kielce exhibition and congress centre belongs to the international organization UFI (the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry). Thus the trade shows are organized with due care and diligence with regards promotion, appropriate technical infrastructure and the number of visitors.

This year’s expo date is exceptional- we look forward to seeing you in Targi Kielce in autumn. Join us from 22 to 24 September.

This is a must-attend event for those who think about the future.


14 september 2020
22 September in Targi Kielce marks the commencement of the Exhibition of Metal Processing Technologies - world-famous and highly appreciated expo cluster packed with accompanying events
11 september 2020
The Exhibition of Metal Processing Technologies broad and diversified offer is expanded to include the STOM-FIX - Fastening and Fixing Technologies and Components Expo
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