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SC PROCONSTRIND SRL company from Galati, Romania, was established in 2011, being a company with fully private local capital, currently carrying out its activity in the field of civil, industrial, urban and road and highway constructions on a national level.
SC PROCONSTRIND SRL is a young and dynamic company, consisting of highly qualified people with extensive experience in the field of construction. The company made sure that the staff was well motivated and in addition, to have a high level of professional conduct and behavior.
The company is engaged in a dynamic development process, focused on building a system that produces, in the long run, prompt solutions, tailored to customer needs. The specificity of the company consists in the ability to understand through the relationship with the client a permanent constructive interface that transforms the partners into friends and colleagues for a long period of time.
We have constantly adapted our methodology and services so that we can meet the subsequent requirements of our clients during the development of the projects.
SC PROCONSTRIND SRL consists of specialist engineers as well as teams of skilled workers.
Since its inception, our core goal has been and will remain to provide high quality services in accordance with customer requirements, applicable legal requirements and regulations, and to increase customer satisfaction. We are convinced that we can prosper and evolve by fulfilling the wishes of our customers. That's why we use all the resources we have to finally present a product of the highest quality.
The quality of our work is due to the use of modern technical systems, compliant with Western norms and standards, the high quality of the materials used, as well as the high qualification of our staff. Our partners provide us with the best construction materials, and their importance is vital in carrying out a work to the liking of the most demanding client.
SC PROCONSTRIND SRL maintains an Environmental Management System to improve its own environmental management and reduce the impact of activities on the environment.
The company carries out all the necessary activities to comply with the requirements of the Environmental Management System implemented in order to achieve the environmental objectives and to continuously improve its effectiveness and the environmental performance of the organization.
SC PROCONSTRIND SRL maintains an Occupational Health and Safety Management System through, which it aims to improve activities and processes, for the control of risk factors by optimizing the working environment in accordance with legislative requirements.
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Road and railway infrastructure
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