NEW INFRASTRUCTURE (10-11.05.2022)

Infrastructure Constructions Expo

Quixi Media

We specialise in creating and promoting positive image of entrepreneurs, organisations and institutions, also whole sectors, towns and regions. Our main tools are: unique publishing work and innovational internet platforms, including professional photography service with cinematographic production. We create opportunities to improve relationships between our customers and communities which are necessary to build success. Also we operate with polish and international enterprises, economic chambers, government administration and self-governments.

With publishing work we help our customers to reach advantage above competitors in huge amount of targets. Among them: obtaining new customers, building loyalty and improving brand awareness. Our publications however are designed for much wider purposes like: tools for interior communication, increasing motivation, deepening relationships with integration, educating and building corporate culture.

We create unique industry-specific web platforms for all sectors, to connect environments of business, media, science and public institutions.

In our offer we placed also photography and cinematography services for business customers. Especially satisfying for us are business portrait and industrial photography. Regarding shoots from upon the clouds we strive for perfection. We operate using DJI Inspire 2 with Sensor 300. Furthermore, our licenses and permissions required by law, allow us to proceed with missions out of sight. All of our aircrafts are registered in Civil Aviation Authority.