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ORLEN Asfalt sp. z o.o.

ORLEN Asfalt is a part of the ORLEN Group and one of the leading suppliers of bituminous binders used for paving the roads in Poland, Central and Eastern Europe. Since October 2012, ORLEN Asfalt has been the owner of the Czech company ORLEN Asfalt Česká republika which sells bitumen produced in Litvinov and Pardubice. In 2019, ORLEN Group sold 1.56 million tons of bitumen, which is the best result in the history of the company's activity on the market. Almost half of these sales were achieved by ORLEN Asfalt.

As part of ORLEN Group's bitumen segment, we supply products from five production centres located in Poland (Płock, Trzebinia), Czech Republic (Pardubice, Litvínov) and Lithuania (Mažeikiai).