NEW INFRASTRUCTURE (10-11.05.2022)

Infrastructure Constructions Expo

Ogólnopolska Izba Gospodarcza Drogownictwa

All-Polish Economic Chamber of Road-Building is an organisation of economics self-government and it represents interest of its members to the bodies of state administration and local government and to other institutions and organisations. It associates around 160 road – building and bridge – building companies from all over Poland.
Its core responsibilities include in particular:
 representation of interests of its member entities to the state and local administration as well as to other institutions and organisations;
 participation in development and implementation of economic policy of the road engineering sector;
 participation in works conducted by the bodies of the state organisation, local governments and advisory and opinion-making institutions within the problem areas connected with the fields of its members activity;
 promotion of the members of the Chamber in Poland and abroad;
 taking actions aimed at development of the members of the Chamber.