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I was often asked what a woman can do in the construction industry. Today I know the answer - to change it and create something new! Mini cranes, although small, have enormous power! They can shorten the construction time, improve the quality of assembly and safety.
The establishment of the MAŁE ŻURAWIE company is a response to the needs of the market. Based on our knowledge and observation of changing trends, we offer perfect solutions for other construction companies. Modern technologies are changing the market!
Small, compact, but with a lifting capacity of up to 9 tones, mini cranes bring a completely new quality to the construction site.
The equipment that makes up our machine park comes from well-known manufacturers such as Maeda, Hoeflon, Kappel, Viavac, Smartlift, AlmaCrawler, Jekko. All products are serviced, have up-to-date technical inspections and have very good operating parameters.
In addition, based on the experience of our team, we found AlmaCrawler equipment especially useful for construction companies. Therefore, in 2021 we became the official distributor of this manufacturer in Poland.
The company's offer includes transport platforms (MULTI LOADER), basket lifts (JIBBI), and scissor lifts (BIBI). All models can be tested at our company's headquarters. The machines are equipped with tracked undercarriages that can easily cope with difficult construction conditions. Particularly noteworthy is the fact that the above-mentioned machines use a unique Bi-Leveling dynamic leveling system that allows you to overcome ground slopes up to 20 °.
To make our offer more comprehensive, we do not limit ourselves to the construction industry. We also have solutions for the industrial sector in the form of Pick and Carry cranes from the Italian manufacturer Valla Crane. The equipment allows you to lift and transport loads up to 40 tons! It is perfect for relocating machines and replacing forklifts.
The Małe Żurawie company means knowledge and competences supported by appropriate authorizations. That is why we also conduct training in the use of machines. Everything to make your work efficient, effective and safe! Because the equipment and its professional preparation for work are one thing, and education is another. After the training, participants obtain authorizations that are valid for the next 5 years with the possibility of extending them.
Of course, equipment is not everything. Behind my back there is a strong male team that I can always rely on. Together, we complement each other perfectly and create broader perspectives.
Trust female intuition and hard construction knowledge!
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