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Instytut Badawczy Dróg i Mostów

The Road and Bridge Research Institute (IBDiM) is a leading Polish research institution engaged in a broad spectrum of subjects related to road infrastructure. The Institute conducts researches and develops works related to the construction and maintenance of transportation structures, specifically roads and road bridges, railway bridges and underground structures. The research activity of the Institute includes material, technological, economic and ecological issues.
The main areas of activity:
- design, construction and maintenance of road infrastructure,
- research on materials and products used in traffic construction,
- technical condition assessment of roads and engineering structures,
- geotechnics,
- engineering and traffic safety,
- road network management systems,
- traffic telematics, databases on roads and engineering structures.

IBDiM develops innovative solutions for construction, renovation and maintenance of roads and engineering structures. It creates, develops and tests durable, safe and modern materials, technologies, methods and systems. With its research activity, innovations, analyses and consultations IBDiM supports development of projects, modernisation and repairs linked to roads and bridges, as well as helps to introduce sound road network management systems.
The Institute has 13 accredited research laboratories and certifies products used in the road and bridge construction sector. As a Technical Assessment Unit, IBDiM is authorised to issue national and European technical assessments.
Besides the research and development activity, the Road and Bridge Research Institute adapts R&D results to the practical needs elaborating guidelines, recommendations, instructions, expert opinions and procedures.

The Road and Bridge Research Institute cooperates with domestic and foreign research organisations and institutions. It actively participates and coordinates many international and national projects. Moreover, the Institute takes part in the work of numerous international organisations. It is a member of the FEHRL - Forum of European National Highway Research Laboratories, FERSI - Forum of European Road Safety Research Institutes and ERTRAC - European Technology Platform for Road Transport.

It would be our pleasure to cooperate with you. Therefore if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.