National Pigeon Exhibition (16-17.12.2023)

National Pedigree Pigeon and Small Livestock Exhibition

The event will begin in

The National Exhibition of Pedigree Pigeons and Small Livestock at Targi Kielce in December.

wystawa-golebi-rasowych The most beautiful pigeons representing the most exciting breeds, the greatest ornamental poultry and rabbits on display from 17 to 18 December at Targi Kielce.

Visit the Kielce exhibition centre and find out the most interesting facts about breeds on display. Polish Maściuch  Tumbler on display at the pigeon exhibition is the breed that dates back to the beginnings of the 17th century. Lviv is considered the centre of breeding of  Polish Maściuch Tumblers. Pigeons from this breed can go tumbling in flights, which is why they were also called a "purcel" and a "Polish goat". The previous expo's decorative poultry display also included a considerable fighting geese from Russia, an extremely rare breed in our country. The Targi Kielce visitors will undoubtedly make a more extended stop-over in front of the cages with pedigree rabbits.

Join us in Targi Kielce - we look forward to seeing you on 17 and 18 December 2022.