HOL-EXPO (27-29.10.2021)

3rd Polish Road-Assistance Expo HOL-EXPO

SYSTEM-1 Spółka z o.o.


We are a Polish software company, present on the Polish market since 25 years. Our skills and expertise make us one of the leading developer of IT solutions for logistics and transportation, mainly in the public transport sector.

               Our leading product – Veritum – is an integrated ERP application which extends to cover the sourcing, planning, execution, settlement and analytics of transportation. By streamlining Human Resources, Payroll, Accounting, WMS, Orders, Sales, CRM and other Business Intelligence modules, we bring efficiency and control tools together for our Customers.

               Veritum provides instruments for planning and decision making (personell planning, delivery schedules, fleet management etc.), transport follow-up (tracking, alerts) and analytics (reporting, working time, fuel consumption, billing etc.) and can be integrated with external IT systems such as Fuel Management, Diagnostic Station or Schedulling.