HOL-EXPO (27-29.10.2021)

3rd Polish Road-Assistance Expo HOL-EXPO

LEDATEL Sp. z o.o. i Wspólnicy Sp. K.

  • Terespolska 144, 05-074 Warszawa, Poland

LEDATEL Sp. z o.o. i Wspólnicy Sp. K. s a Polish company. Initially, from a distributor of electronic devices and components, it has become an enterprise that has now delivered over 2,863 ICT systems on nearly 720 vehicles in the public transport sector.

The key areas of activity are design, research, production, implementation and service. The highest quality of the offered products, adjusting the offer to the expectations of customers and their specific requirements, as well as high standards are the company's strengths. All our processes are carried out in accordance with the requirements of a certified quality management system according to the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 22163.