HOL-EXPO (27-29.10.2021)

3rd Polish Road-Assistance Expo HOL-EXPO

ENDEGO Sp. z o.o.

  • Kraków, Poland

Endego is a leading Polish provider of engineering and IT services based in Krakow. The company operates globally, relying on local engineers and consultants, specialists in their fields with unique knowledge and experience, and on successfully completed projects.

Endego provides high-class, comprehensive, innovative design and engineering solutions for key international representatives of the automotive, railway, maritime and aviation industries, as well as energy, medical, household appliances and other sectors.

Endego bases its activities on the E2E strategy (end to end = from beginning to end), from concept to production launch. It provides clients with projects from the earliest visions, defining the goal and initial assumptions, through cost analysis, supply chain construction, evaluation and selection, concept development, visualization and style, prototype phase and serial production, ending with customer support in starting production.

Endego supports clients in the field of R&D, mechanics, CAE, CFD, electrical, electronics, software, program management and prototyping.


More at www.endego.com