HOL-EXPO (27-29.10.2021)

3rd Polish Road-Assistance Expo HOL-EXPO

EL-CAB Sp. z o.o.


Production El-Cab, operating successfully for 25 years, both in Poland and on international markets, is a leading manufacturer of electrical harnesses, electrical boards, control cabinets, switchgears and electrical control modules for buses, rail vehicles, construction machinery and yachts, as well as medical devices. It offers comprehensive customer service in the area of sales, technical advice and service support, cooperating with many leading manufacturers of solutions for the railway industry, such as:

  • BEDIA Motorentechnik - level monitoring sensors and temperature switches 

  • Bosch Car Multimedia - audio-video systems, navigations, microphones

  • E-T-A Elektrotechnische Apparate - circuit breakers, relays, power distributors

  • LTG Group - passenger information systems, LED signs, TFT displays, audio and intercom systems, video monitoring system with intelligent image analysis using artificial intelligence

  • ROSHO - video monitoring systems, management, cameras and image display devices (monitors), TurnCam - turning assistant, Viromaxx - passenger compartment disinfection system

  • SESALY - LED lighting and standard lighting, signalling solutions: lighting and audible

  • TM Technischer Gerätebau - board kitchens and cool boxes.