HOL-EXPO (27-29.10.2021)

3rd Polish Road-Assistance Expo HOL-EXPO



Brigade is at the pinnacle of commercial vehicle and mobile plant blind-spot safety. A founder and innovator of sensing and monitoring systems that have helped save lives for over forty years. Whilst our portfolio may be emulated, our commitment to vehicle safety, our reliable, trusted products and our dedicated team of experts, cannot. We invest in people as well as technology. Everyone in the Brigade the products and service we provide and the importance of outstanding systems that work in the most demanding of situations. For the future: We will continue to inform and work with policy makers and industries to ensure blind-spot calibre people who are passionate about what we do. We will impart expert knowledge and advice to help customers with their challenges. We will always seek to innovate and bring new products to market that help prevent collisions and save lives. We will strive to achieve our vision of zero lives lost by constantly improving the safe operation of commercial vehicles and mobile plant around the world.

We strongly believe in a complementary range of passive and active systems to warn and assist the driver whilst protecting workers, pedestrians and cyclists and constantly research technologies to see how they can further improve safety. Many products in our portfolio were initially introduced to the UK, Europe and even the world by Brigade. Several of our products are patented and unique to us.