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Enex - Good energy for your business

enex-2023 Over 25-years of development has made Kielce the most essential points on the map of Poland's RES sector, a household name for all energy efficiency and technology aficionados. The Enex Expo attracts companies strongly focused on the development of the power engineering sector. The upcoming meeting of representatives of this strategic sector is held on 7 and 8 February 2024 at Targi Kielce.

Enex expo offers the opportunity to meet leading manufacturers and distributors as well as see the industry's latest solutions. ENEX is the place to establish valuable relationships that will pay off in the future. On 7 and 8 February, Kielce exhibition and congress centre becomes the stage for world premieres and strategic agreements. Targi Kielce showcases the latest drone solutions, modern assembly and photovoltaic systems, the newest models of inverters and heat pumps, complete heating systems, as well as electric car charging stations and electrical installation equipment. Invisible heating systems", mobile energy storage, new inverters, and hybrid solutions, test drives cars offering pioneering air purification systems and the premiere of the technology for small modular nuclear reactors - this is just a sneak preview of the industry solutions available to the visitors at the previous Enex Expo.

Enex. Knowledge and experiences exchange

enex-2023 In to the presentation of the latest energy sector's achievements., the Kielce expo offers the opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience at conferences, forums and industry meetings. The events organised by the GlobEnergia Editors and the ENEX have already become the ENEX tradition;  Solar+ Photovoltaic Forum, National Heat Pumps Forum and attractions prepared for visitors to the special exhibition zone held under the banner of RESCity. For years, the Energia PL conferences devoted to energy storage and energy efficiency have also enjoyed great interest. The dynamic show presentations are staged in the Electromobility Zone, which showcases the latest models of electric, hybrid and even hydrogen cars. Fans of electromobility and all renewable energy sources in all its aspects can meet the most famous Youtubers who are the expo featured guests. There is also a plethora of contests and surprises.

The energy and power engineering best come to Kielce

Enex prizes and awards are granted in the following categories: energy storage and management, Renewable Energy Sources, consumables and tools, and renewable energy structures. The most exciting expo stand arrangements and promotion schemes are also appreciated. The best energy and ecological projects in Poland also gain accolades. 

The Jubilee Enex was record-breaking in every respect!

Three hundred twenty-three companies from 15 countries presented their offers at Targi Kielce. The Kielce exhibition and congress centre hosted 19.6 thousand visitors. 2023 saw about two hundred more companies than last year's expo. The Kielce exhibition and congress centre's number of visitors almost tripled. The Enex offer has even reached Singapore and Sri Lanka, and the organisers of the Kielce event want to go even further.

The upcoming, 26th Targi Kielce Expo is to be held on 7 and 8 February 2024.


30 november 2023
One of the leading suppliers of power electronics for home and industrial photovoltaic installations has joined the group of Partners of the Kielce energy industry meetings. Kostal will present its latest achievements - 7 and 8 February 2024 at Targi Kielce
31 october 2023
The main point showcased at the Enex expo's BayWa re's expo stand - an authorized PV distributor in Poland - Novotegra's proprietary mounting structure for all types of roofs. The latest solutions portfolio included flat roof construction III. 7 and 8 February 2024 at Targi Kielce is a comprehensive presentation platform.
20 october 2023
Fronius, in business for over 77 years, is an important player in the global renewable energy sector; it has been successful in RES sector for over 32 years. Very few companies can boast of such a history. The Fronius brand appeared in Poland over a decade ago. Fronius has continued the success story in Poland and has continually set trends in the local photovoltaics market. You can read about the company's achievements in an interview with Maciej Piliński, sales director of Fronius Polska
16 october 2023
The Ivendo Solar brand boasts many years of experience in the solar industry. Ivendo Solar offers innovative, efficient and easy-to-use solutions based on green energy sources. You will be able to see the latest products presented by the compa`ny; 7 and 8 February 2024 at Targi Kielce’s Enex Expo.
06 october 2023
For the 26th time, energy-saving and ecological technologies aficionados and renewable energy sector representatives will meet in Kielce! 7 and 8 February in Targi Kielce - this is the time to learn about the latest the energy industry’s solutions, try and test electric cars and meet the most famous renewable energy YouTubers. You can already register for the expo!
27 september 2023
Fronius Polska LLC has exhibited at the Kielce energy industry expo for several years. Each year, the latest novelties and products Fronius brings to the show delight with the latest technologies and the highest quality. Fronius has become a strategic partner of the 26th Enex expo, which will be held on 7 and 8 February 2024 at Targi Kielce.
25 july 2023
Enex attracts leading companies that strongly focus on developing energy and power engineering; the most important producers and distributors of the latest solutions for renewable energy sources and conventional energy attend the expo. Join the industry's best and present your offer - 7 and 8 February 2024 at Targi Kielce
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