DOG EXHIBITION (25-26.11.2023)

18th National and the International Pedigree Dog Exhibition

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The Pedigree Dog Exhibition at Targi Kielce

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An excellent treat for pet lovers. Dog beauties, spectacular shows and a wealthy offer at the ZOO Expo; this and much more are in the pipeline for the guests of the 2023 International Pedigree Dog Exhibition at Targi Kielce.

The event is held on 25 and 26 November 2023. The dogs will compete in three competitions organized by the Kielce Kennel Club's division - the International Pedigree Dog Exhibition is the CACIB (Certificate of International Aesthetics Championnat International de Beauté) level event. 

The spectacular "Lysa Góra Saba Show" has become the event's tradition: this is undoubtedly a real highlight of the event. Owners share the stage with their pets. Many participants have been preparing the presentation attires a few months before the show.

Live demonstrations promise to be really interesting; visitors are offered the police dogs training; officers and their dogs show the best of the action.

The exhibition agenda also includes the fund-raising campaign for homeless animals; this is a part of the t's "Give a Helpful Paw" campaign. 

The previous dog events cluster in Targi Kielce attracted 7.5 thousand dog beauties and over 5 thousand visitors.