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Your Business's Online Security

27 april 2020
The global epidemic situation has forced us to implement new work forms which have become our new reality. For several weeks most of us have been working in a remote mode. This calls for a check whether this solution is secure and will not cause valuable data loss?

The new remote work formula has degraded our daily rhythm, well-proven work patterns and has forced us to introduce changes in operating methods -  domestic privacy has become a virtual office. Traditional documents have been replaced with e-documents.  Whilst trying to embrace all these changes, online security is often forgotten. The latter is as important as the right tools which enable us to work from home on daily basis.

According to the  nationwide Rzeczpospolita daily, there were up to 100,000 hackers attacks a day in 2019 in Poland. Today we have witnessed exponential growth in the number of potential targets which are a low-hanging fruit for fraudsters. The significant proportion of society’s awareness about protection against on-line crime is still negligible.

How to guard ones against cyber-criminals’ activity?

The so-called good digital habits offer the solution - these are to be to used as part of secure attitude for online work:

- limit physical access to ICT equipment. Protect the devices and software so that they do not fall into the wrong hands,

- access to the company system should granted only through a virtual private network (VPN) supported with the 2-stage authentication (e.g. password and verification code),

- check your VPN software provider,

- do not use automatic password saving, 

- set the maximum remote access time limits. After the so-called idle-time, the system will automatically log you out of the session,

- remote access should be limited to the necessary resources the user really requires to work on, especially when it comes to the personal data,

- remember about important software updates.  Newer versions provide additional online protection features,

- a good antivirus software will detect dangers hidden in your software, including e-mails’ contents and attachments,

- remember to make a backup on a regular basis,

- report any incidents should be directly reported to your company's IT department,

- check the emails you intend to read carefully.  Opening an empty message that contains an attachment may be dangerous. If there is no direct courteous forms of address in the message, the message was signed by the sender whose address data does not match the domain data, the attachment has a double extension name, e.g.  NAME.JPG.vbs - this is also dangerous.

- send attachments using encrypted messages (e.g. cloud upload).  Avoid data transfer from your company with the use of external drives,

- check if the video conferencing tool you use has the data encryption functions.

The actions described above will certainly improve your company's online security. These should be everyday work routine which makes you enjoy the digital comfort supported with on-line BAT.


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