MIFOD już po raz dziewiąty na Targach EKOTECH.

Waste as a source of raw materials, energy and fertilizers - discussions at the EKOTECH’s Waste Management Forum

29 november 2022
All persons interested in practical aspects of waste management are invited to participate in the MIFOD - International Waste Management Forum organised by AK NOVA. The International Environmental Protection and Waste Management Expo - 8&9 March 2023.

The next, 9th International Waste Management Forum, held within the scope of the EKOTECH expo is held under the banner of "ecology-economics-energy" in waste management. The meeting is designed to show that waste is much more than a problem to be managed, but also as a source of raw materials, energy and fertilisers. A series of lectures and discussions make it possible to find out methods to designed to optimize waste collection, interim storage, transport and management systems. Experiences from Poland and abroad will be discussed at the session. The meeting also offers the opportunity to identify appropriate strategies for local governments and municipal companies designed to optimise their operation and increase efficiency in waste management. The conference speakers list includes lawyers, technologists, companies management representing the waste collection and processing industry as well as scientists who boast the business-sector-related expertise.

The event has already proven extremely popular;

Participation in the International Waste Management Forum is free. First come - first served principle applies. Registration should be sent to the address ekotech@targikielce.pl or kalitka@apriva.pl

The Fair of Ecology, Municipal Waste Services, Recyclable Materials, Waste Management and Recycling EKOTECH  EKOTECH is held on 8 and 9 March 2023 in Targi Kielce - join us.


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Integrated and water permits, environmental impact assessment reports, acoustic analysis and emission measurement, and problems when facing the control activities at farms and piggeries - these are just some of the issues discussed during the series of lectures at the EKOTECH Environmental Protection and Waste Management Fair. We look forward to seeing you at trade shows held on 8 March 2023
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The EKOTECH Environmental Protection and Water Management Expo has been granted the Honorary Patronage of the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management. The institution has played an important role in the implementation of the state's environmental policy for over 33 years.
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For many years KING company from Słupsk, has manufactured, sold, assembled and serviced hook lift and gantry devices, and hydraulic cranes for automotive industry and tippers. KING joins EKOTECH Environmental Protection and Waste Management expo held on 8 and 9 March 2023.
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The Eurocentrum Poland’s mission is to disseminate awareness and knowledge related to responsible waste management and rational use of energy. Therefore, the company's offer includes eco-compacting machines for compressing waste, manufactured according to the latest technologies. The portfolio will be presented at the EKOTECH Expo.
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Distributor of machines, equipment and complete recycling systems joisn the EKOTECH expo held on 8 and 9 March 2023. We look forward to seeing you at Targi Kielce's trade shows.