The Roof with dynamic show presentations

14 january 2023
The Roofers, Tinsmiths and Carpenters Congress and Expo - the ROOF FORUM is much more than its exciting exhibition, but also a series of shows and workshops.

What attractions are offered to the roofing industry specialists?

  1. MetalManiak, sheet metal craftsmanship - live show:
  • advanced roof flashings and detailing
  • a profound insight into the technological process - flat sheet metal to finished elements, including assembly and processing
  • dimensioning, routing, prefabrication and assembly of elements
  1. Shows of the Polish Roofers Association
  • In the PSD show zone, there will be carpentry workshops conducted by Artur Falkowski the Polish Young Roofers Champion, a multiple IFD World Young Roofers Champion, as well as a trainer with an innovative approach to the craft.
  • Guests will also see a demonstration of flashing with the use of templates, offered by the creator of roofing tools designed to facilitate work, as well as the technical expert of the Polish Roofers Association.
  • An interesting idea is also the workshop on running a modern roofing company, conducted by a training company which enjoys high market recognition and experience in working with roofers and manufacturers.
  1. Carpentry Academy Workshops with the use of the Carpenter's Calculator by Michał Sadko.
  2. Maciej Dekarz's shows:
  • WWK assembly
  • Installation of ridge beam under roofing sheets
  • Machining of the fascias, windbreakers, chimney
  • Installation of guttering on rafter hooks
  • Roofing installation
  1. Widopan Produkte GmbH shows “Better. Smooth. Sealed – WIDOPAN ® construction waterproofing
  2. Shows of the winners of the Blachotrapez Roofing Master competition - presentation of the Thunder rock aggregate roofing on a roof slope.
  3. RUUKKI shows
  • installation of the Ruukki Hyygge flat, modular metal roof tiles
  • installation of the Siba Modern hidden gutter system on a roof
  1. Competition for tinsmiths and roofers from - RHEINZINK
  2. FAKRO shows
  • All-day demonstrations of the smarLift roof windowS and a competition with attractive prizes.
  1. VELUX shows

Training on the SSS solar shading installation

  • heat protection up to 93%
  • effective sun protection
  • additional thermal insulation
  • elegant, modern design
  • quiet, fast and reliable use
  • solar powered without the need for wires
  • self-installation, even without additional skills and the need for wiring
  1. VMZINC shows
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13 march 2023
The crafts zone, accompanying the Roof Forum Expo, is the place which gathers best industry’s professionals who present their roofing, tinsmithing and carpentry skills. The National Guild of Roofers, Tinsmiths and Carpenters Wiecha host of the craft and the keeper of the zone. Here you will meet e.g. Maciek Parcelewski - MetalManiak, Robert Szuta - Antyfarmers, or Maciej Bienias - Maciej the Roofer
15 january 2023
What to do when the roof is finished and one cannot enter upon in? Can you learn carpentry online? Can roofs be aesthetic elements of cities’ landscape? The second day of the 2nd Congress and Expo for Roofers, Tinsmiths and Carpenters ROOF FORUM is held under the banner of helpful knowledge, which often cannot be obtained even at specialized universities
14 january 2023
The 2nd Congress and Expo for Roofers, Tinsmiths and Carpenters Expo and Convention - ROOF FORUM is held with the support of the essential players in the industry.
14 january 2023
- We want all roofers to enjoy easier life, as their work is often stressful. - said Bogdan Kalinowski, president of the Polish Roofers Association, in his speech. On the stage he was accompanied by the vice-president of the Association, Ryszard Piwowski, who primarily devoted his part of the lecture to the education of the young generation of roofers. The gentlemen presented their speech at the second Roof Forum in Targi Kielce.
12 january 2023
Mariusz Pudzianowski is the Pruszyński brand ambassador - Pruszyński, the Golden Sponsor of the Roof Forum, appears on Saturday, 14 January at 12:00 in Targi Kielce at the Congress and Expo for Roofers, Tinsmiths and Carpenters. The Pruszyński company has prepared a Fun Zone for the youngest and a Beauty Zone for women; children and teenagers with their school ID cards as well as ladies enter for free!
11 january 2023
The second Congress and Expo for Roofers, Tinsmiths and Carpenters ROOF FORUM promises to be really impressive; the show abounds experts, demonstrations of craftsmanship and modern equipment of global brands. Women, children and teenagers enter for free.
09 january 2023
The representative of the PRUSZYŃSKI Crafts Academy, Mirosław Szwarc, will lecture on the issues related to the gutter systems revolution we are witnessing. The roofing and tinsmith master is a representative of the Blachy Pruszyński, company; the Golden Sponsor of the Roof Forum expo
27 december 2022
The Dietrich company jons the Roof Forum held on 14-15 January 2023 and becomes one of the prize sponsors in the Roof Masters competition. The "carpentry" category winner, in addition to prizes from the strategic sponsor - i.e. Blachotrapez and the silver sponsor - i.e. CB COROTOP, also receives the D-Dach Professional software from the Dietrich. The application deadline for the first stage of the competition - Friday, 30 December at 8:00.