The pandemic accelerated the digitisation process in the accounting sector in Poland!

26 october 2022
It is worth using modern management and support systems for accounting offices. We should not be afraid of the digitisation. These issues were discussed during the panel on modern solutions for accounting offices. The case study of the enova365 system and its application in collaboration with the client was also discussed in the main arena. The first day ended with a lecture on the most important applications of the INFOR lex program

There is no need to convince anyone that digitisation is needed, but unfortunately, many companies still have concerns about implementation. - Digitisation is like Yeti; everyone has heard of it, but most have not seen it and thus are reluctant to introduce it - Marcin Pichur, vice president at DocuWere, one of the experts participating in the panel brought in a more humorous note. Concerns often arise from a lack of knowledge and limited confidence in digital security. According to an experienced consultant, digital documents are much safer than traditional paper. Marcin Pichur supports accounting offices in turning piece into smart documents and digital transformation. He encouraged to opt for digital.  

The pandemic and the resulting remote work in many sectors, including accounting, quickly verified which companies' readiness to go digital and adapt to work in the new reality. - 2.5 years ago it was easy to see who used digital solutions in their office. What is worth emphasising, some companies were able to go through this process in a blink of an eye and adapt to the new system - said Monika Smulewicz, Managing Director of HR, Payroll and Accounting Outsourcing at Grant Thornton. The founder of the "HR on high heels" community and the Academy of HR and Payroll and Human Resource Management emphasised the possibility of remote cooperation with employees from smaller cities and towns, who offer the same skills. Otherwise, they are inaccessible without digital transformation.

Bogdan Zatorski, manager of business analyses and legal requirements, has been a part of Symfonia for 22 years, developing the company for many years in the area of financial and accounting services, taxes and controlling issues. - Covid accelerated the transformation of many Polish companies, which opens up new opportunities. Digitisation, in addition to access to new employees, as discussed by Monika Smulewicz, also gives access to new customers - said the Symfonia expert, adding that the security of documents stored in the cloud is greater than that of traditional documents.

- It is worth following modern solutions, such as enova365 ERP software, offered by companies. This software offers a competitive advantage that drags behind in the transformation process. Digitisation is profitable when it brings additional benefits for the company. This is feasible to generate more - Jadwiga Wojtas, Production and Development Director at Soneta, the producer of the enova365 ERP software encouraged to embrace digtital path.

The congress participants could also learn about the practical application of the software offered by Soneta. There was a case study  with the owner of one of the accounting offices, Monika Kawalec. She emphasised the possibilities of the modern system and indicated specific fields of its use. - enova365 in an accounting office is an excellent tool in the age of technological challenges and legal changes - 

Finally, the INFOR business trainer, Paweł Jędrzejak, talked about the time savings resulting from the use of the INFOR lex program. The statistics show that each employee of an accounting office should spend an average of about 4 hours a day learning about the constant changes in regulations. In order for this information to be adequately developed and tailored to a specific client, it is enough to have access to the software and its tools. - Our application offers customers access to magazines, books, articles and even training. Additionally, they receive personalised information with professional commentary. INFOR lex is a knowledge base for accounting offices. All legal regulations in one place - an expert in the field of electronic publications explained.

The following experts' panel is held on the second day of the 3rd International Congress of Accounting Offices.


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