The MSPO 2023 mission is underway

16 may 2023
The annual International Defence Industry Exhibition in Kielce means that about a thousand soldiers are on duty; the Armed Forces Exhibition preparation is regarded a combat task. Such missions require proper reconnaissance. The meeting of various formations in the Kielce exhibition and congress centre is held from 16 to 18 May

The Armed Forces Exhibition coordinators, i.e. representatives of the Inspectorate for Armed Forces Support, the Logistics Bases and representatives of the Kielce exhibition and congress centre, were brought together for the meeting whose objective is preparation for the  International Defence Industry Exhibition. The reconnaissance was an opportunity to make many necessary arrangements regarding expo stands, soldiers accommodation and equipment, transport. The exhibition is held for the 24th;  the Armed Forces Exhibition is an inherent part of MSPO. This year banner of soldiers’ show is "New equipment - new challenges - new opportunities."

The International Defence Industry Exhibition. Save the date for 5-8 September 2023. The trade show has been granted the honorary auspices of the Republic of Poland President. The Polish Armaments Group has been the Strategic Partner of the International Defence Industry Exhibition.


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30 may 2023
Virtual registration for visitors is already available on the Targi Kielce website. Following many-year examples, the Kielce exhibition and congress centre encourages to use the more efficient way to register and confirm your expo presence. You can also buy event tickets
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The national defence expenditure for 2023 - almost 100 billion PLN. 31. International Defence Industry Exhibition MSPO promises to be hugely interesting.
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For a consecutive time, the Targi Kielce International Defence Industry Exhibition has been granted support from an extraordinary patron