Belownice do odpadów od ARTechnic na Targach EKOTECH!

The latest machines for waste and recyclables' volume reduction from ARTechnic. EKOTECH presentations!

22 november 2022
Next year's EKOTECH is held on 8 and 9 March. ARTechnic joins the expo with its wide range of products which includes waste balers. We look forward to seeing you at Targi Kielce's trade shows

The ARTechnic company specialises in producing vertical and horizontal hydraulic presses (balers) used for compacting waste and secondary raw materials. All machines offer robust construction, failure-free operation, functionality and the highest quality of workmanship. ARTechnic brand can often be found in hotels, restaurants, waste sorting plants, in professional waste collection and transport companies, firms dealing with the recovery of secondary raw materials, in the printing and food industries. ARTechnic is also a distributor of Intimus industrial shredders, Satrind waste mills and Husmann press containers.

You will be able to get acquainted with the company's offer during next year's EKOTECH -the Environmental Protection and Waste Management Fair held on 8 to 9 March 2023. The company will present halls in all spans.

Do not wait, save this date today:

EKOTECH expo is held simultaneously with  the jubilee International Power Industry Fair ENEX and the Fair of Renewable Sources of Energy ENEX - New Energy.


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