The EXPO-GAS 2021 has commenced!

15 september 2021
"I am glad to be with you when this largest and most important industry event in Poland commences," said Paweł Majewski, President of the Management Board of Polskie Górnictwo Naftowe i Gazownictwo [Polish Oil and Gas Company]. The trade fair was officially commenced by the Secretary of State in the Ministry of Development and Technology, Marek Niedużak, PhD.

The Gas Technology Expo EXPO-GAS has been organised in conjunction with the Chamber of the Natural Gas Industry. The trade show offers a unique and special opportunity to meet gas industry experts and specialists in one place and to become familiar with innovative technological solutions as well as to establish business and trade relations Conferences and workshops which abound in the most up-to-date knowledge complement the expo which may be slightly smaller compared to those held before the pandemic.

The opening ceremony was followed with the "Gas Industry Goes Green- System and Technology Challenges" conference;  the first conference session focuses on The systemic challenges related to the Green Deal. The Polish Green Deal, hydrogen & environmental, biomethane, methane strategies and the State Raw Materials Policy are on the list of the conference topics. The EU and national legal regulations on funds allocation; the session offers a deep insight into these and many other topics.  This session enjoys the support of the Ministry of Climate and Environment and the Ministry of Development, Labour and Technology. The second session puts the gas market's technological conditions in the limelight;  the third session offers the participants a chance to learn about the scientific challenges for the energy and gas sector. Each section concludes in discussion panels on the above-mentioned topics. The second day of the  EXPO-GAS will include the Technical Standardisation Workshops.

It is worth recalling that the event is held under the honorary auspices of Ministry of Climate and Environment and the Office of Technical Inspection.  The Polish Engineering Association granted its patronage to the industry patronage to the EXPO-GAS exhibition.


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Od 24 do 25 kwietnia będą odbywać się targi EXPO-GAS. Jest to znakomita okazja na spotkanie ekspertów branży gazowniczej.