Wyróżnieni w konkursie "Pracownik Roku 2022" wraz z zarządem Targów Kielce - prezesem dr Andrzejem Mochoniem i wiceprezes Bożeną Staniak.

Team spirit building and Targi Kielce Employee of the Year gala packed with excitement

07 february 2023
Training, good relations enhancement and the Employee of the Year 2022 gala – these elements have further enhanced the work atmosphere the Targi Kielce staff in January. However, the most important title was awarded to Michał Łysek, an employee of the Trade Fair Organising Team. The accolade was bestowed in recognition on unconventional problem-solving skills, ingenuity and professionalism

More than a hundred Targi Kielce employees participated in the training session held at the end of January;  the time was earmarked for training teamwork and communication skills. The trainers shared shared knowledge through lectures. How to deal with stress and resolve conflicts - these are some of the issues discussed. An outdoor game was an element of the training - the participants were divided into groups, put through interesting tasks, such as shooting at cans with an arch or placing wooden blocks with the use of a pendulum controlled by strings. The challenges triggered emotional response and bursts of laughter. Definitely a spirit of cooperation was built.

A casual dress-code meeting under the banner of "Tracksuit and flip-flops for a banquet and discount shopping ..." positively stimulated friendly bonds. Numerous employees not only put on a very casual outfits, but also dressed up in the tracksuit-style from the 80s and 90s. The attires were flamboyant -  vintage style crash tracksuits, white socks, flip-flops, cotton headbands, chains and even wigs were worn for the party. The most imaginative creations were rewarded with torrential applause from the team. The attractions of the evening also included a quiz prepared by Magdalena Sitarska from the PR department and Monika Jedynak, assistant to the management board. The questions were related to the 30th anniversary of Targi Kielce;  the teams tested their knowledge about the company. A perfect climate was inducive to friendly relations forming, which translates into everyday work in a favourable atmosphere. 

Targi Kielce Employees of the Year 2022 win accolades

The evening under the banner of "Black&white”. Many reacted emotionally to the film prepared by Urszula Kołodziejczyk from the PR department and Mateusz Bobek from Marketing marking the 30th anniversary of Targi Kielce, presenting employees from years ago. Working at Targi Kielce also turned out to follow changes in private life - it was here that feelings were born that led to the altar. Yes - these marriages are still happy :)

There was no shortage of excitement when the results of the "Employee of the Year 2022" competition were announced. The most important title was awarded to Michał Łysek, who has for years been associated with the Public Relations and Marketing Department, today working in the Trade Fair Organising Team. A man of many talents, an unconventional problem-solver, an energetic individual, areal volcano of ideas, a professional and an expert in performing impossible tasks. He is an "interdisciplinary" man indispensable for the company. He has gone through many career levels - from a marketing intern, through an announcer to a brand marketing manager, to a member of task groups in the trade fair department. Michał successfully implements marketing campaigns as well as technical tasks, initiates the implementation of new projects, such as the Roofers, Tinsmiths, and Carpenters Congress and Trade Fair Roof Forum. The event grows stronger every year and is highly appreciated by exhibitors and visitors.

In the Creativity category, the title of "Employee of the Year 2022" went to graphic designer Tomasz Purski from Marketing. In addition, two people were appreciated in the Professional Development category - Paulina Zaborska from the Administration Department and Monika Jedynak, Assistant to the Management Board.

Two people were also awarded in the Professionalism category - Iwona Godowska from the Human Resources and Personnel Team and Małgorzata Kozieł, who works as an independent payroll officer. In the Debut category, the titles were awarded to the company’s lawyer Magda Kozieł, Kateryna Radkovets from Marketing and Marzena Ślusarz from the Public Relations Department.

In the category of Kindness and openness to cooperation, the company's employees held a poll and awarded Magdalena Kozieł with the accolade.

The Board also appreciated the Director of the Congress Centre Andrzej Kiercz for organizing the technical side of the meeting of the OSCE Ministerial Council in Łódź. An award for a special project was also given to Kamil Perz from the Trade Fair Organising Team - for bringing the Fruit and Vegetable Industry Fair, which had previously been held at Ptak Warsaw Expo in Nadarzyn, to the Kielce exhibition and congress centre. The first TSW in Kielce turned out to be a success.

Hooray for everyone!