SOLARIS - the leader of the public transport sector in Poland

27 october 2021
– Javier Calleja, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Solaris – said that the pandemic has not slowed the growth of sales of Solaris buses in Europe, and even more so in Poland. He noted that the company sold 1,560 cars in 2020, with 1,487 cars in the previous year. At this year's TRANSEXPO in Targi Kielce, the Solaris management also presented the latest models of electric buses

Solaris finds Poland the most important sales market, ahead of e.g. Germany and Italy,  with 365 buses of this brand sold in 2020, which translates into 53% of the market. In addition to traditional and electric buses, CNG-powered buses and trolleybuses are also popular in Poland.  There was also one hydrogen-powered vehicle purchased by the city of Konin.

The company reported significant revenue growth in the past pandemic year, EUR 725 million in 2020, compared to EUR 638 million in 2019.

The sales of Solaris electric buses increased exceptionally - 182% increase compared to 2019;  in 2020, as many as 457 vehicles of this type were sold, i.e. 296 vehicles more than in the previous year. This trend continues evenly across Europe. Over 2,000 electric vehicles operate in European public transport.

The Solaris management also presented their offer of electric buses, focusing on the Urbino 9 LE model, presented for the first time at this year's TRANSEXPO. It was highlighted that the Kielce fair is the only place where the bus is presented. Petros Spinaris, a member of the Solaris board, added that although the bus has not yet been produced, two vehicles have already been ordered in Poland.



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