Branżowe seminarium PSWNA na targach Nowa Infrastruktura.

Seminar of the Polish Asphalt Pavement Association - apart of the New Infrastructure Expo

25 april 2022
The International Infrastructure Constructions Expo agenda abound with industry meetings which feature specialists; one of such seminars is devote to "Comfortable and durable bicycle routes in Poland and around the world - from concept to implementation".

Seminar of the Polish Asphalt Pavement Association - apart of the New Infrastructure Expo is held on the second day of the expo, i.e. 11 May. The meeting is devoted to, inter alia, solutions designed to improve safety of bicycle routes, construction of a bicycle routes network and personal transport devices, as well as the creation of bicycle paths feature outstanding speakers - representatives of the Provincial Roads Authority, Road and Bridge Research Institute, Eurovia Polska, the Bicycle Metropolis Association and the Warsaw University of Technology.

The meeting will be moderated by PhD. Engineer Wojciech Sorociak from the Silesian University of Technology.

The event is free of charge to attend and takes place in a hybrid format. In the stationary form, a maximum of 60 places are available. Registration is required for the event.

Registration link available on the website:


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