ON-LINE Liaoning Mechanical and Electrical Expo has started!

03 july 2020
This is another in the series of on-line meetings with Chinese producers

Today at 10:00 marked the the ZOOM platform meeting opening - another online meeting with producers from China.  Liaoning Mechanical and Electrical Expo is now on!

Liaoning is a leading manufacturer of mechanical and electrical products, car parts, mechanical parts and electrical products.

The event guests were given a warm welcome from the president of the board of Targi Kielce Mr. Andrzej Mochoń.
Mr Mochoń spoke about good cooperation between the exhibition centre and China and thanked for the partners’ support.

- We are very pleased to see the based on mutual trust cooperation between exhibitors from China and Targi Kielce has been thriving.  Targi Kielce is fully convinced of the business development great potentials in China. China also wants to expand its economic horizons in order to include countries and cities, Kielce among them.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our thanks and gratitude for all the support you have demonstrated during the COVID-19 pandemic for Kielce residents, including Targi Kielce.  Your help, namely protective materials provided to Kielce is a further proof of how wonderful people and caring people you are.  - this is how the President recapitulated the on going cooperation.


The meeting brings together Liaoning’s companies which produce mechanical and electrical parts. Their portfolio includes car parts, pipes, metal connectors, intelligent industrial automation.  The exhibitors offer automated systems maintenance, they are also involved in hydraulics, energy, metallurgy, engineering and mining.

We look forward to your joining the meeting.
In order to participate in the event, you must install the ZOOM meeting software, and then click on the link attached below.

The logging ID number for the ZOOM platform816 7812 0256


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