New printing technology at Targi Kielce. Myriads of opportunities for exhibitors

29 december 2022
Targi Kielce has equipped its art studio with a large-format device for UV technology printing. The new option creates a wide range of possibilities for the expo stands construction for exhibitors. The investment also protects the environment and reduce the consumption of materials which can be printed over many times.

UV printing is one of the most modern digital printing techniques,  the process is similar to an inkjet printer, however, there are a few significant differences. UV printing ink is a kind of liquid polymer;  LED lamps that emit ultraviolet light are coupled with the printheads. UV radiation starts the polymerization process of the ink and fixes the liquid polymers as a durable plastic layer.


Thus one can print on a variety of materials, such as fabrics, foils, PVC boards, plexiglass, furniture boards, glass, glazed tiles, doors (without handles), as well as walls of expo stands. The device prints on roll and flat materials up to 5 centimetres thick and 320 centimetres wide. Graphics are faithfully reproduced on each substrate.


Therefore, Targi Kielce exhibitors are offered a wide range of possibilities for expo stands both indoor in the halls and on the outdoor expo grounds. In addition, UV printing is resistant to weather conditions. The centre will also use the machine to handle commissioned events.

This Kielce exhibition and congress centre’s investment also aims to protect the environment. The machine offers high quality with much fewer consumables and more significant energy savings.