O najczęstszych metodach oszustw w prelekcji lokalnych policjantów.

Knowledge dissemination -thematic meetings during SACROEXPO

07 june 2022
The church-related trade held at Targi Kielce is accompanied by the four thematic meetings with the participation of the featured guests: florist, conservator of monuments, representatives of the police, fire brigade and insurance companies.

Thematic meetings for secretaries, economy officers, parish priests and administrators of religious buildings were organized on the second day of the Sacroexpo Exhibition, on Tuesday, 7 June.

One of the meetings was devoted to thermal modernization and green energy. The lecturers discussed the current projects related to energy efficiency improvement in buildings and presented measures to reduce energy consumption. In addition, changes should be safe for historic buildings.

Beata Tokarska-Wójcik, an international master of floristry, and owner of the Kwiatowa Pasja Artistic and Floristic Workshop in Kielce, took part in the panel devoted to the care of the liturgy and church décor. She emphasized the importance of flower arrangements in Christian culture. The other lecturer was hosted by Joanna Modras - Świętokrzyski Provincial Conservator of Monuments, who discussed the most important rules regarding the protection and care of the monument.

The representatives of the fire brigade and the insurance companies told about how to take care of religious and church buildings. Senior Brigadier  Sławomir Pietrzykowski - Head of the Inspection and Reconnaissance Department of the Provincial Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Kielce, had the presentation on "Fire safety of religious buildings"; He discussed the obligations of buildings' managers, presented the importance of fire protective equipment maintenance and the applicable standards and requirements for technical documentation.

In the panel devoted to fraud, representatives of the Police Headquarters and the Provincial Police Headquarters discussed the most common methods of fraud: "pretend to be an officer", "pretend to be a bank employee" and "pretend to be a policeman" techniques

SACROEXPO continues until 8 June. Free admission, prior registration required:


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