Kielce Trade Show Slalom Jam 2010

26 january 2010
Poland's best skaters will compete during the trade fair KIELCE SPORT - ZIMA

Kielce Trade Show Slalom Jam is the only slalom event in Poland played in the winter season

We invite you to participate in the second skating tournament to be held at the Targi Kielce exhibition centre on 27th February. The majority of leading Polish freestyle skaters from the cities of Warsaw, Poznań, Cracow, Rzeszów, the region of Gdańsk as well as Silesia are expected to be there. This tournament is part of the Polish Slalom Series, with the winners receiving points recognized for the International World Slalom Skaters Association ranking. The Kielce competition is currently Poland's only slalom skating event organized in winter.

Slalom skating is a breathtaking sport, attracting a growing number of fans and practitioners. Its popularity is largely due to the fact that it can be practised by anyone, irrespective of the age, as it is safe, enhancing all-round physical fitness and giving opportunities to continuously hone your skills. The tournament will involve two disciplines classified in the WSSA ranking, in addition to a high jump and limbo-skating competition for children. The categories in which points are awarded are Speed Slalom and Freestyle Battle.

The tournament Kielce Trade Show Slalom Jam is a project organized jointly by the Spoko Brand company, distributor of Powerslide products, and the Targi Kielce company, and implemented in partnership with the Skaters Association Janarolki from Warsaw and the Culture and Sport Association Green from Katowice.

We start at 9.00 A.M. For a detailed programme of this event go to program targów (fair programme) on the website of the trade fair KIELCE SPORT - ZIMA and to www.powerslideslalomjam.pl.